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Tadkahub is an established and respected source of Finance, Games, Trending, Fashion, travel, Tech, and so on… news, reviews, features. Ifyou want to grow your network through your website then get in touch with “Tadkahub”. Our aim is to target the worldwide business who are willing to exchange the latest information from a resourceful platform. And that is what we are offering to you.

Keeping diversity in mind, we publish articles based on specific regions and languages. The reason why our website is so popular is because of the rich content we provide to the audience.

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As you’ll know Movierulz2 covers a wide variety of areas and we’re on the lookout for writers to help with the site. We’re happy to consider interest from any writer but we’re particularly looking for help in the following sections:

Arts – news, reviews, features and interviews

Film – news and features

Games– news, reviewers, details

TV– weekly recaps for TV shows, British TV news writers, soap writers,

Finance, Travels, Fashion, Tech, General, Trending and so on….

Anyone interested in writing for us must be committed and passionate. 

Guest Posting Guidelines Do’s & Don’ts

Does you must follow:

  1. Provide 100% unique content
  2. Content should be at least 800+ words
  3. Add valuable images that connect the content
  4. Topic and content must match
  5. Writing pattern must be in an easy format
  6. Use headings H2, H3, H4 
  7. Each paragraph must have at least 150 words
  8. H2 must have 300 words after that change the paragraph into H3
  9. Use more points in bullets
  10. Include hyperlinks to your Blogs

Don’t you must consider before writing:

  1. Don’t add irrelevant links in the content
  2. Applying links to bad quality won’t work will remove it.
  3. Don’t include copyrighted photos.
  4. Don’t promote your website much or the product.
  5. The biography must have focus keyphrases, and the brand names are allowed.

Highlights on the backlinking:

  • Only 1 link is permitted to mention in the post
  • The links will be mentioned in the biography section for the author
  • If you add links in the content, they will be examined, edited, or removed if needed.
  • No matter how well you write, if the spammy website or low-maintained websites will be said no.

Consequences of not following Guidelines:

If you don’t follow our guidelines or any kind of violation, you can face the following problems:

  • We will reject content without a second
  • Including many promotional links, we will remove the extra backlinks.
  • We don’t change the links once the article is posted and published.
  • We will keep the links that we think are relevant.
  • Also, we will remove all the links that violate our guidelines for posting and publishing.

Guest Post Topics We Cover in Tadkahub

  • Entertainment, Gaming
  • Finance
  • Business News & Updates
  • Analytics, Data Science and Growth Hacking
  • Technology News & Updates and Digital Trends
  • Information Technology (IT), Data Science
  • Business
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Setup Guide
  • eCommerce
  • Blogging Tutorials
  • Google

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Add category name along with these queries

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How To Submit Your Guest Post on Tadkahub

To submit a post to tadkahub, reach us out and email us at: vipin.divaker@isupportcomputer.org

We assure you to get back to you and respond to you. Once you submit a guest post, we will further analyze it. We will check its plagiarism and readability. If your article is grammar-free, has relevant information, we make sure it gets published. 

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