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WorldFree4U – Free Movie Download Website

WorldFree4U: New movies are released almost every week in your local theatres. Nowadays, movies are being released more frequently due to technological improvements in the film industry. Moreover, this has allowed filmmakers to explore their creativity and imagination to new heights. However, not everyone can go to their local theatres every now and then. Tickets can often be expensive depending on location and show-timings. Apart from these, there are additional problems of finding a parking space, visiting a mall or planning the rest of the day or night. Hence, people choose to download these movies instead. One of the popular websites for downloading high-quality movies is

What is WorldFree4U?

WorldFree4U is an online website where users can download high definition movies for free. They do not have to pay any subscription fees or charges of any kind. Moreover, you can download movies without creating an online account on the website. Incidentally, WorldFree4U is highly popular in India with internet traffic of up to 98%. The other 2% belong to the other countries of the world. New and most recent movies are added to the website almost immediately. Therefore, you can find a download link for the movie right after the movie is released in the theatres.

About Easy Navigation of  WorldFree4U Website

To begin with, WorldFree4U has a clean and minimalist look to its website. On first look, you can see all the latest movies on the main homepage. Along with the movies, you can see it’s IMDB rating, summary, cast information and runtime. Moreover, the website has a simple blog-like interface where the movies are broadly categorised. Additionally, the website offers two ways for its users to be up to date with its latest news and uploads. These have been explained in the following section.

Subscribe to WorldFree4U Website

WorldFree4U allows users to subscribe to its RSS feed. For this, they can simply use their email address to get the latest updates. After subscribing, WorldFree4U will send the most recent games or movies right in their inbox. Moreover, this is a handy feature for those who do not wish to miss the latest movies released in the cinemas.

WorldFree4U Telegram Account

In addition to email subscription, WorldFree4U has a Telegram account as well. You can easily join the group by clicking on its invite link. New updates regarding movie releases, change in URLs and movie uploads are periodically posted in the group. However, only the Mods of the group can post on it. Thus, no other members can talk or text in the group. As a result, it is only useful for staying up to date with the latest changes in WorldFree4U. Sometimes, mods provide extra services like selling Premium Netflix accounts, Windows license keys and other software.

WorldFree4U Movie Categories

Generally, all the movies available on WorldFree4U are sorted in a few broad movie categories. These have been listed below.

Bollywood Movies

WorldFree4U is primarily focused on Bollywood and Indian cinema. Moreover, Bollywood is the largest cinema in regards to the number of movies produced. It has produced over 1400 movies in all its years. Therefore, you can find a large collection of Bollywood movies available for download on this website.

Tamil Movies

Tamil movies are a part of Indian cinema whose movies are based in Tamil Nadu and Chennai. The Tamil Cinema is fondly known as Kollywood. It provides blockbuster movie collections from famous actors like Rajinikanth.

Telugu Movies

The Telugu Cinema is known as Tollywood and consists of movies produced in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Its movie collection consists of some of the biggest blockbusters like Baahubali and Baahubali: The Conclusion. Apart from these, you can find some great movies from popular actors like Mahesh Babu and Prabhas.

South Hindi Dubbed Movies

Although Tamil and Telugu movies are available in their original language, you can download the Hindi-dubbed versions as well. The dubbing is done by professional voice artists or sometimes by the original actors themselves. Usually, these movies are available in dual audio. This means that you can freely switch from Hindi to Tamil or Telugu and vice versa. In comparison, there are limited dubbed movies as opposed to the other movie collections.

Punjabi Movies

Additionally, WorldFree4U offers some great Punjabi movies as well. Here, you can find the best Punjabi movies like Angrez and Punjab 1984 in high quality. Some of these movie collections may be dubbed in Hindi as well. If it is not dubbed, you can easily find Hindi or English subtitles added to it.

Bengali Movies

Bengali Cinema is also known as Tollywood as its production is based in Tollygunge. Thus, Bengali movie collections include movies produced and directed in the state of West Bengal. Thus, you can find some of the greatest collections from filmmakers like Satyajit Ray.

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies are popular all around the world. They are highly known for creating action-packed and creative movies. Majority of the Oscars and other Filmfare awards are won by Hollywood movies themselves. They are based in the United States and produce a lot of movies. Hence, you can find some of the greatest Hollywood collections at WorldFree4U. Additionally, you can find them dubbed in the Hindi language as well.

Animated Movies

In comparison to other movies, Animated movies are hand-drawn or computer-generated motion pictures. One of the most popular animation studios is Disney and Pixar. Both of these are owned by Disney themselves. However, you can find popular animated movies from all around the world. These are available in high quality and with subtitles as well. They are also available in Hindi-dubbed audio for the Indian audience.

Features of WorldFree4U

Initially, WorldFree4U offers various features or advantages to its users. Some of the most prominent ones have been given in the following section.

Completely Free

All the movies available on the website are free to download. Therefore, users do not have to pay any sort of fees or become a member of their site. Hence, users can download all the latest movies directly from their website.
Multiple Language Support
Since it is a popular website in India, WorldFree4U provides multiple language support for the audience. Hence, you can find various Hollywood, Punjabi and South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. Thus, Hindi speakers can enjoy these movies as well.

MKV Formats

For the most part, the movie collections on the website are available in a special MKV format. This file format allows the video file to be extremely compressed in size without sacrificing its High definition quality. Moreover, the video can be integrated with dual audio or subtitles within the movie itself. Therefore, it provides additional functionalities. You can find full HD, full-length movies at sizes as low as 300 MB.

Website Subscription

As stated earlier, users of the website can subscribe to it with the help of their email addresses. This will allow them to receive all the latest updates of the website right in their inbox. Hence, they can download movies as soon as they are uploaded on the website.

Vast Collection of Movies

You can find a huge movie collection at WorldFree4U. Ranging from Indian cinema to even Hollywood movies, there is something for everyone. Additionally, these movies are available in various languages, qualities and sizes. Therefore, you can choose to download movies in 720p, 1080p, and CAM qualities.

WorldFree4U Smartphone Application

WorldFree4U also has a smartphone application which can be downloaded for free. Unfortunately, it is not available in the official Google Play Store. However, you can download it directly from the website itself. Currently, the smartphone application is only available for Android devices. In addition to this, there are some additional benefits of using the smartphone application. These benefits have been listed below.

Access With No Ads

Ordinarily, WorldFree4U has a lot of advertisements and pop-up ads on its page. As a result, it can be annoying to download a single HD movie. In comparison, the smartphone application has very few advertisements without any pop-up ads. Therefore, users can enjoy uninterrupted access to movies on the smartphone application.

Better User Interface

Compared to its website, WorldFree4U’s smartphone application has a better user interface which is much simpler. As a result, it is much easier to browse, discover and find movies on the smartphone app.

Easy Downloads

In addition to a simpler user interface, it is also easier to download movies on the smartphone application. You can easily download some torrent clients like BitTorrent from the official Google Play Store. Thereafter, you can search and directly download movies from the application through the torrenting client. You can also download through a direct link as well.

How does WorldFree4U Earn Revenue?

WorldFree4U’s main source of revenue is through the advertisements it displays. As a result, the website is filled with ads and pop-up ads. Now, take a look at the most basic sources of revenue for the website.

Advertisement Displays on Web Pages

WorldFree4U’s website is heavily ridden with advertisements of all sorts. This is because it relies on these advertisements for its source of revenue. Hence, it is also the reason why it is able to provide its services for free.

Embedded Pop-Up Ads

Pop-Up ads are the biggest source of revenue for websites like WorldFree4U. It embeds these ads in empty spaces of the website or on the element itself. Thus, users inadvertently click on it whenever he means to click somewhere else. Websites earn a good percentage of revenue whenever these ads are clicked.

File Hosting on Third-Party Websites

Apart from this, the website also earns revenue on each download. Hence, thousands of users provide revenue to the website when they download any movie from the platform. This is why the website is free to entice more users to download it from their website.

However, you can easily solve this by simply installing an Ad Blocker. The most popular Ad Blocker is uBlock Origin. It is a free and open-source extension that can be installed in a browser. Hence, you can follow the steps given below to install it.

Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox according to your preference. Currently, Ad blockers can only be installed in these browsers.

Next, visit the Web store and search for ‘Adblocker’. Thereafter, press the Enter key to display the search results.

Now, choose one of the extensions and install it in your browser. After that, you will now be able to browse the website without any advertisements or pop-up ads.

Can you Stream HD Movies on WorldFree4U?

To begin with, WorldFree4U is strictly a movie downloading website. This means that you can watch the movie only after you have downloaded it from the site. Currently, WorldFree4U does not provide any streaming service. However, you can easily download the movie and watch it offline. This is better than streaming as it allows you to watch it at any time. Additionally, you don’t have to use the Internet after it has been downloaded. Hence, you will not face issues related to streaming such as loss of internet or buffering.

How to Download Movies from WorldFree4U?

Downloading a movie is very easy from WorldFree4U. You simply have to visit the website and find the movie you wish to download. Thereafter, you will find two different links below the movie description. These are the two ways to download a movie from the website. Hence, it has been discussed in the section below.

Torrent Link Download

The first way to download a movie is through a torrent link. A torrent file helps to download any movies, software, games, books or music with the help of a torrenting client. This offers a higher downloading speed as it uses a special peer-to-peer protocol. However, you need to download and install a torrenting client before you can download through these links.

There are two main torrenting clients that are widely popular and used by many. These are BitTorrent and uTorrent. Both of these are free and can be downloaded from their official websites. After downloading, simply follow the instructions on the screen to install it in your system. Next, click on the Torrent link and the torrenting client will launch to start the download process.

Direct Links Download

A direct link will allow users to download the same movie files without a torrenting client. This is one of the sources of revenue for the website. Similarly, there are many online platforms that pay its users for hosting and letting other users download through the link. You can directly download the movies through these links. However, the downloading speed will be lesser than that of a torrenting client.

Is WorldFree4U a Torrent Website?

Technically, WorldFree4U is indeed a torrenting website. However, you can only find movies torrents on the online platform. In comparison, other torrenting websites offer torrents for a vast variety of programmes and entertainment media. Therefore, you can find WorldFree4U’s content on other torrenting websites as well. The only difference is that WorldFree4U is focused on Indian movies with a limited collection of Hollywood and animated movies.

WorldFree4U is Blocked: How to Access a Blocked Website?

There may be certain scenarios where the user is unable to access WorldFree4U’s website. This is because the government has blocked the local people from accessing it. However, there are various ways to work around through this blockage. Some of the common ways of accessing a blocked website have been discussed below.

VPN Service

The easiest way of accessing any blocked website is by using a VPN Service. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it helps to protect a user’s online identity by masking its IP address and Network Activity. Moreover, it also helps to mask a user’s location. Therefore, it notifies the network that the website is being accessed from a different location.

As a result, the user will be able to access the website without any problems. However, VPN services can come at a subscription cost. The prices of these services may vary across different providers. You should never use a free VPN service as it comes with slow speeds and is loaded with advertisements. However, VPN services offer a lot of benefits. This is why buying a VPN subscription is considered as an investment for internet privacy.

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VPN Chrome Extension

Google Chrome users can easily access the website by adding an extension on their browser. Thus, go through the following steps to install a free VPN extension.

Launch the Google Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Webstore.
Click on the search bar and type ‘Betternet Free VPN’ followed by the Enter key on your keyboard.
Thereafter, click on the first search result and select ‘Add to Chrome’. Now, the extension will be downloaded and installed on your browser.
Next, click on the extension and choose a different location other than your own country.
Lastly, enter the URL of WorldFree4U and you will be able to access the website without any problems.

DNS Server Settings

A DNS server is responsible for converting a URL to its original IP address. This is done because computers cannot understand basic human language. Usually, a DNS server is either set by the Internet Service Provider or is pre-installed in the system. It is also responsible for blocking the website if instructed.

Therefore, you can access a blocked website by simply changing the DNS server settings. This can be done by following the instructions given below.

Press the Windows logo button and the letter ‘R’ at the same time. This will launch the Run dialog box on top of your desktop.

Here, type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and press enter. Now, the Network Connections window will appear on your screen.

Next, right-click on your Network Adapter and choose Properties from the list of options. This will open another dialog box.

Now, double click on the option for Internet Protocol Version 4 and choose the ‘Use the following DNS server’ option.

Here, enter the following DNS settings into their respective fields.

Preferred DNS Server –

Alternate DNS Server –

Finally, save your settings and close the window. Now, go to the browser and reload the page for WorldFree4U. The website should load without any further problems.

Proxy Server

Accordingly, you can also access a blocked website by changing the system’s proxy settings. You can find such settings from a VPN service provider or from your Internet Service Provider. You can even find some settings on online forums and websites as well.

Alternatively, you can directly use web proxies to access such blocked websites. A web proxy is a website that can access any website for you. Moreover, you will be able to use the website as you would use the original one. Here, the web proxies will spoof your location for your system. This is why you will be able to access the blocked URL.

Alternative URLs of WorldFree4U

As mentioned in the previous section, WorldFree4U gets frequently blocked due to the services it provides. According to the law, it is prohibited to upload and distribute copyrighted content without proper permission. As a result, the government blocks such websites to prohibit users from availing its services.

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Moreover, downloading the latest movies from WorldFree4U adversely affects the income for the movie production companies. Therefore, such websites are blocked for a good reason. However, WorldFree4U has various alternative URLs that allow users to access the site from a different domain. Over the years, this website has changed various domains and keeps creating new ones. Some of the latest URLs have been given in the following table.

Disclaimer Notice

It is important to note that we do not support or promote piracy in any way. This article is for informational purposes only and is not created with the intent to promote this website. Uploading, downloading and viewing pirating content is an offence that is punishable by law. The punishment may vary from state to state or from country to country. However, the punishment is severe and can destroy a man’s life. The usual punishment for the same is a hefty fine followed by imprisonment. Hence, you should not involve in such practices as it is illegal in nature.

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