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Are you into mobile gaming? Then, you must have heard about the Tom Clancy Elite Squad Game. Because, Tom Clancy Elite Squad, is one of the most anticipated games in 2020. And, Ubisoft has recently announced the release date of this exclusive game. As per the announcement, this game is finally going to release on August 27, across the globe.

Moreover, another major fact about Tom Hancy Elite squad is that this game is available on both Android and iOS devices. During the Ubisoft Forward Event, the release date and a brand-new cinematic trailer of this upcoming game are revealed.

Besides, you can choose enormous gaming characters while combating the battle against another team of players. Being one of the most trending games in 2020, it has already been a hype among mobile gamers across the globe. So, to win this game, it is important to get some insight into Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. Get your squad ready to explore Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Game.

About Tom Clancy Elite Squad Game

Discover what awaits for you in the Tom Clancy Elite Squad Game. And, Ubisoft, being one of the renowned gaming companies has introduced high-rated games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, HyperSpace, along with Watch Dogs: Legion and Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

But, in the recently published gaming trailer of Tom Hancy’s Elite Squad Game, not much of the information was passed. So, you have to hold up a little to get more details about this upcoming game in 2020.

Here are some essential details about this upcoming mobile game:

  1. Characters

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is absolutely a free-to-play mobile gaming. Moreover, the players don’t even have to spend a single penny to buy gaming characters. Because the characters can be unlocked after accomplishing the provided missions. With each victory, you and your squad get additional bonus points.

Tom Clancy’s Franchise consists of multiple heroes and villains. You can now team up with super exciting characters like Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and The Division. Additionally, the players can unlock gaming characters like EndWar and H.A.W.X while playing in PvP Battle Arena Mode.

  1. Game Modes

There are mainly three exciting game modes in Tom Clancy’s Elie Squad. And, this includes Campaign Mode, Arena Mode, and Territory War Mode. So, before you download and install one of the most trending games in 2020, let’s check the game modes to get more spice details about Tom Clancy Elite Squad.

Campaign Mode:

In this strategic military RPG based game, the campaign is one of the most exotic game modes. Moreover, several gaming destinations can be unlocked in this mode. And, you can combat a battle in places like Italy or Croatia to Greece. You can play as a single player in this gaming mode. Alongside, the players can choose player Vs player and Guild vs Guild option before getting into this gaming mode.

Arena Mode:

In the Tom Clancy Elite Squad, the Arena game mode unlocks when the players accomplish all the missions and reach Rank 7. And, in this Area Mode, you can add another squad to fight against the battle. Moreover, once you get into Arena mode, you can attain higher rank positions and your game scores will be even exhibited in the global leaderboard of Tom Clancy Elite Squad Game. More precisely, the players can claim Arena O.R.B keys to unlock the Arena O.R.B mode.

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Territory War Mode:

In this most-awaiting upcoming games 2020, there is also an existence of a Territory War Mode. And, apart from Campaign and Player vs Player, you can join with multiple forces in the epic guild wars. You will be given some proposed missions, and the players need to comply with that anyhow within the given time. So, compete in the guild wars and win the battle against your opponent team.

  1. Weapons

Tom clancy elite squad, provides the allowance to the players to collect, upgrade, and battle with the opponent squad using their preferable weapons to hit the target. Additionally, the players get diversified weapons to safeguard the clan from unwanted threats. This includes assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, and even heavy-weighted pistols.

Assault Rifles

First, let’s talk about the list of assault rifles that the players can use to win this role-playing game. And, the list includes AR-C, American AK, AKS-74U, AK-47, Mk16 CQC, P416, SG 552 and ARX-160

Submachine Guns

Now, let’s come to submachine guns. And, in this specific upcoming 2020 battle game, there is a wide range of submachine guns. This includes high-range guns like A-99, AUG A3 PARA XS, BZ19, MPX K, M12, Vector .45 ACP. Alongside, in the game modes, you get highly effective submachine guns like PX K, BZ19, Helical SMG, 9x19VSN.

Light Machine Guns

Additionally, worldwide players get light machine guns like ALDA 5.56, LMG-E, LMGA1, RPK-74, and Bren MG.

Sniper Rifles

There is a huge list of sniper rifles that will help you to aim at the enemies easily. Because these sniper rifles come with additional scopes that help you to easily defeat the opponent squad. Moreover, enemies can be easily located using super rifles like the 308 Carbine. R8, Scout, Mk17 SSR, and SA-50.


Along with a huge range of snipers and rifles, the trending games like Tom Clancy Elite Squad, there are also some outstanding pistols. You will get Maxim 9, KARD, Wild Boar, M1911, D.50, PM, Mk19mm, and GSH-18.

Apart from these, you get equipment like hand grenades to destroy your enemy squad. Moreover, the players get preventive inserts to safeguard themselves from the explosion and further enemy attack.

  1. Gear

The game-freaks are getting a plethora of gear to safeguard the damage caused by the opponent team. And, in this, upcoming games 2020, you get to unlock leg pads, battle equipment, combat blade, combat boots, and even a lightweight helmet.

Additionally, there is an exclusive range of loadout pouch, military radio, cooling base, nerve agent kit, deployment bag, plate carrier. Moreover, the players can equip elbow pad, entrenching tools, rifle bayonet, field laptop, first aid kit, field protective mask, thermal wear, and other variant items to stick to the end of the game.

  1. Materials

You can gain several materials while playing these major upcoming games 2020. And, this material will be highly beneficial to rank up the Soldier’s gear. This includes materials like Acrylic, leather, magnetic steel, bolt, nylon belt, canvas, crafting tools, and so on. And, with each level up, these materials will get added to your gaming account.

What’s More?

With this high-profile upcoming games 2020, you will come across the most notable crossover that you can ever think of. Ubisoft has launched many renowned games in the mobile market, and Tom Clancy Elite Squad is one of the top-most trending games among them. Moreover, even the Android users can pre-register this game from Google Playstore and, if you are an iOS user, tap on the Pre-order option instead. So, get this exclusive offer now!


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