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Mystic Messenger is a South Korean game developed by Cheritz. It is a female-oriented game of a visual novel style. This game was released for Android on July 8, 2016. It was also released for iOS on August 18, 2016. This game is available in Spanish, Korean, and English.

Mystic Messenger is a very innovative game. This game is about texting people. The main feature of this game is the reading and responding to the messages instantly as you get them. You will get phone calls as well.

However, the occasional visual novel and instant messages are the most important part of the game. The IM chats that you participate in and your responses will determine the character route you will take.

However, you have to keep in mind that the IM will come in real-time at its own time. This is not the game you play on a bus or train whenever you wish. You have to pick up the phone or respond to the notifications as they come in.

Even though the IMs come in all the time, you don’t have to respond to all of them. The game requires only a 50% participation to give a certain ending.

Mystic Messenger

The whole story of the Mystic Messenger emails will take place over the course of 12 days. During this period of time, you will have to exchange different types of messages with various characters like Mystic Messenger 707. When you begin the game, the first four days will be the same for all the players.

However, as you hit day 5, the game will split into different paths. Each of these paths has multiple endings. One will be a bad ending. This is where you have failed to do the tasks properly.

Another will be the normal ending. And, if you have made all the right decisions throughout the game, you will get the good ending.

When you are trying the game for the first time, it is better to play it organically. That means you will answer the beeps on your phone as you like. You can also ignore the ones that you cannot attend normally.

The main thing about answering the messages is to go with your gut. However, make sure that you focus more on the character you like. If you are unable to get anyone’s attention after 5 days, you will get a bad ending.

If you are playing for a second time or if you want to start the game with all the information so that you can get the good ending, then stay with us till the end. We will give you the Mystic Messenger email guide so that you can get a good understanding of the game.

The Characters

In Mystic Messenger you will get six love interests. You will also get 3 story modes. These story modes are Casual, Deep, and Another. The casual story mode is unlocked from the start and you do not need any HG to unlock it.

HG is the in-game currency for 707 Mystic Messenger emails. The Deep story can be unlocked by spending 80 HG. And, Another story mode can be unlocked for 300 HG.

In the Casual story mode, you will get three characters; Jaehee, Yoosung, and Zen. You will get another two characters in the Deep story mode; Mystic Messenger 707 and Jumin. The V route of the game is only available in the Another story mode.

In Another story mode, a second path will be added to the story. Every character is present only in their story mode. Their path will not be available to you from the wong story mode.

The Story

Like many other visual novels, Mystic Messanger’s story is also multi-layered. This means that an easier route will give you a small glimpse of the whole story. However, if you take the more difficult routes, you will be able to uncover a whole new side of the story.

The difficult routes will also offer you with much intriguing stuff. If you are willing to see all the endings of 707 Mystic Messenger, it will be better to play the game in a narrative sequence.

You have to first start the game in Casual story mode. In this mode, you have to play through the storyline of Zen, then Yoosung, and finally Jaehee. After that, you have to change to the Deep story mode.

Here, you have to play through the storyline of Jumin first and then complete the Mystic Messenger 707 storylines. By following this order, you will be able to get the story in a gradually unfolding older.

After you have finished with the storyline of Mystic Messenger 707 character and got the good ending, you must start storing HG. When you have enough HG, you can then unlock the After storyline. The ending of this storyline will give you more answers than any other storyline.

The Gameplay

In Mystic Messenger emails, the available chats that you have done with characters, eg; Mystic Messenger 707, and the segments of the visual novel are in green colors. The chats and the visual novel segments that are not available for you to participate are marked by the symbol of an hourglass.

You will not be able to view these for free. Spend your HG and participate in them before going on to the next level. The chats and visual novels that you have participated in successfully are orange colored.

And, the segment of chats that is locked is in grey color. These chats cannot be accessed until you have participated in the chats and visual novel segments that take place before them.

Every chat that pops up will be available until the next chat comes in. The gap between the two chats is at least 40 minutes. But, sometimes it can also be a few hours. However, if you have missed any chats because you were working or sleeping, you can unlock the missed chats by using your HG. Use this 707 Mystic Messenger email guide tips to manage your chats effectively.

The Currency

The currency in Mystic Messenger emails is called HG, which is Hourglass. You can use hearts to purchase this. Hearts is the in-game currency that you can earn by giving observant replies to your chat buddies.

Other than that, you can also purchase them with real money. As you already know that HG is also needed to unlock the two-story modes also. You will also be able to make unscheduled calls and also buy the bonus epilogues. If you play the game, keep unlocking all the endings, you will have enough HG to buy all the story extras you like

During talks on the call and other discretionary events, if you give insightful answers to the characters like Mystic Messenger 707, you will receive Hearts. When you have given an insightful answer, you will see an icon of the heart whizzing on the screen. This will indicate that you have received a heart.

Other than helping you to buy more HG, it will also affect the route you will take and also the ending you will get. This is because getting more hearts will increase the affection of the character towards you.

However, if you make choices that lower a character’s affection towards you, you will earn you a broken heart. This means that you will lose one heart for each of these bad decisions.

To trade your hearts for HG, you have to go to the main game screen and make the transaction from there. You will have to trade Hearts for HG at a rate of 100:1. This will have no effect on your affection level or your progression in the story.

These hearts are color-coded according to the character. The color of hearts you have will indicate which character you have managed to impress.

Mystic Messenger Email Guide

Emails are also very important in 707 Mystic Messenger emails. This will play a very crucial role in getting a good ending. At least 10 confirmed RSVPs via mail for the party is very important for getting a good ending.

You can only invite a guest to the party after the topic of the party comes up in the chat. After this, the uninterested guest will send you an email. The opportunity for inviting guests to the party will begin on the 2nd day of your play. You must always inquire about the secondary characters and give hints that you will be very pleased if they attend the party.

In order for the character to accept your offer to attend the party, you would have to give three appropriate replies to the emails they will send you. The correct replies will be colored green. Whereas, the incorrect reply will be colored orange.

After you have given all the correct replies, you will get an email of confirmation from them. After this, you will see that a thread appears on the screen with “Completed” written on it in silver. If you give two correct replies, a “Completed” message will appear on the screen which is colored green. And, there is a chance that the guest will attend the party.

The emails take a longer time to work. So, you must answer them as soon as you get them. This will enable you to complete an email chain before the game ends. Do not worry if it is taking a long time.

You will get multiple emails of confirmation on the party day. Also, there is no negative consequence for inviting a person that your love interest hates. So, you can invite everyone. There will be no consequences if you invite a person who is disliked by your love interest like Mystic Messenger 707, you will still get the good ending.

How do the Mystic Messenger Emails Work? 

The main thing that you are going to do for hosting the organization’s party is to engage with the guests. An invitation to the party will be sent by using a virtual messenger. Jumin, Zen, Yoosung, and V are the people who are looking to attend the party. Hence, you must play it well.

Hosting a Party in Mystic Messenger

This party in 707 Mystic Messenger emails is not like any normal party. This is a very unique activity which is known as the RFA. Rika was the founder of RFA. The main purpose of these parties was to raise funds for the needy.

The RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association)

The RFA was founded by Rika, who was V’s girlfriend. This organization’s primary goal was to raise funds and help the poor and needy people. But, after the death of Rika, no more parties were held.

However, since you have joined the game, a new hope has emerged. It is up to you now, to successfully host the party and continue the tradition forward. The RFA messenger app was made by Mystic Messenger 707.

When Will You Start Receiving Emails on Mystic Messenger?

The game takes place over a period of 11 days. And, the party needs to be organized on the 11th day. So, it is very important for you to get to the 11th day. Additionally, for hosting the party successfully, you have to invite a minimum of 10 people through the email. This is only applicable in the regular mode.

But, if you take the route of Ray and V, you have to have a minimum of 15 guests. Only then you will be able to get a good ending. Make sure that you follow this 707 Mystic Messenger email guide to get the good ending.

How to Use Mystic Messenger Emails to Invite Guests to the Party?

Inviting guests to the party may seem like a simple task, but that is not the case in emails. The things that you need to consider before inviting the guests are that you need a minimum of 10 guests for the good ending.

Also, the attendance of the guests will be affected by the response you give to their emails. You have to make sure that you respond to all the guests within the 10 days before the party starts.

Each guest will email you three times. If you fail to answer all the three questions or if you have answered any question incorrectly, the guest will not come to the party. However, upon giving the correct answers to all the three questions, you will ensure that the guest will surely attend the party.

Important Note

Whenever you are exiting the game, make sure that you save the game manually. This is because the autosave is a bit buggy and may not save your game. You will be able to reload any saved game if you want to make many different choices. However, to do this, you have to spend 5 HG for each pop.

When you are saving a game, make sure that you load it as soon as possible. This is because the game will start according to the system clock and you will miss any chat that has come before it.

Summing Up…

Hopefully, you have understood all about this innovative and interesting game. This is a very good game and has many interesting characters like Mystic Messenger 707. The Mystic Messenger emails and messaging are the primary focus of the game. By following the guidelines discussed above, you will surely be able to get a good ending to whatever path you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do emails work in Mystic Messenger?

Emails will be used in Mystic Messenger emails to invite guests to the party. You will need at least 10 confirmed RSVPs emails to get a good ending. Moreover, you will only be able to invite the people after the topic of the party is brought up in a conversation.

Is Mystic Messenger worth playing?

Mystic Messenger for android is very unique. This is because it is a game that is an app. It may sound a bit odd but it is an app and the whole plot of the game is that the player has downloaded this app and the characters use this app to communicate with one another. This is the primary way of communicating with all the different characters. The game uses realistic chat rooms for this system. If you are interested in playing dating sim games, then you will definitely like it.

Download Mystic Messenger App – Click Here

How many emails do you need in Mystic Messenger? 

The number of confirmed RSVPs email you need in Mystic Messenger for android  for a good ending is 10.

What’s the best time to start Mystic Messenger?

The most appropriate time to start the game is as early as possible. This will help you to get all the contents and you will not miss out on anything. However, if you want to get a good ending, it is best to start the game around midday. If you want to see all the chats, then it is best to start just after midnight.

Does it matter who you invite to the party Mystic Messenger?

To get a good ending, you have to invite 10 guests. It doesn’t matter who you invite. Even if you invite someone that your love interest dislikes, it will not affect the game.


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