Top Ways To Identify If The Property Is Legal

How to identify If the property is legal

Buying a property is a big step and something that should not be ignored is the authenticity of the property. You need to check if the property is legal. Is it possible to find out just by meeting the builder or having a chat with the agent? It is not that easy. You need to know the ways of checking if the property is legal. Many property dealers claim of the property to be legal; however, buyers had been duped. For you to avoid such situation, you need to have certain tips and tricks in place so that you are not one of the victims.

Some of the examples of illegal properties in India are those of the buildings in Worli, Mumbai, Possangipur village, New Delhi and even some areas in Noida. On finding that the buildings or the floors had been built illegally, demolishment of the buildings were ordered. Until, it was found, many people had been bought and settled in those societies. The sellers are at loss and the buyers are at loss too. No one can feel the distress one goes through on seeing their house collapse right in front of their eyes.

Ways to identify the legality of the property

Documents: Paper work is the key to checking the authenticity of every existence. Right from a person’s birth certificate to death certificate is a legal piece of document. Similarly, when you plan to buy a property, ask for the documents of agreements and other important papers. If the seller doesn’t agree to produce any document or makes excuses, you can go to the sub-registrar’s office and claim for it. If you learn that the property doesn’t have any paper to back the legality, you can take a back seat.

Unbelievable price: A property price is expected to be less for a better buy. Don’t you feel it can be dicey if the price is too low and is lesser compared to the market price. Don’t settle for too cheap a property price or too high a property price.

Change in the property layout

A property when built by the engineer has to follow certain norms and execute the exact layout as designed by the architect. When you check the layout and compare it with the actual property, if there is a mismatch, you should know that it is unethical. Such property is illegal and should not be proceeded with.
Payment of property tax: Property tax needs to be paid regularly. If this is missing in the property you have opted for, you can rethink the decision before it is too late.

Bank certification: When you plan to buy a property, you approach a bank for the finance. Banks are smart. Before they approve the loan, they also check if the property is legal. Once they are satisfied, you should be happy to have your dream home.

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Nowadays the best way to check legality check land records on web and get assure about land.
You don’t want to get in thick soup after buying a property in hurry. A good research and verification are mandatory so that you lead a peaceful life later. Get the checks done and settle for the property you want to buy.

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