Top Games to Play On MSN in this year!

Games of many varieties are alluring, especially when your boredom is at peak. That being said, we tend to play games simply because of entertainment, strategic, and tactical knowledge. But, on many accounts, it turns out to be a problem to play games.  For example, office premises are off-limits when you think about playing heavy games because the majority of games require you to download and install them. But, there are games that exist which do not require you to download and install them. In fact, you can play these MSN free online games on a single platform, without paying a dime.

MSN games are one such great example of a platform that provides multiple games for you to play. Based on all kinds of genres, such as Adventure. Action, Arcade, Strategic, Trivia, Puzzles, or Battle Royale, you can have an ample amount of varieties to choose from. So, read more to find out about MSN free online games.

Top MSN Games That You Must Play!

If you are looking forward to spending your day exploring new MSN games, then here’s a list that you can refer to:

1. Zuma’s Revenge

If you are into adventure then this MSN game will be of interest to you. Zuma’s Revenge narrates a world where evil bosses have captured the land. Your job, as a character is to destroy a sphere of stones in a stream until you are led to success. To make the sphere of stones disappear, you’d have to fire the same color of stones as the chosen stone. A full arcade mix to the theme sets the tone of the game right. So, try it out.

2. Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run is a graphical game that revolves around a mission. The mission of the rabbit is under your control where you must guide it to the checkered flag. However, along the way, the rabbit will come across deadly obstacles like shards, saw blades, etc. Your responsibility is to guide it by hopping and running until the rabbit arrives at the flag station. Once you start playing, new challenges will become super-easy for you. That being said, the user control of the game is very simple and the entire concept is challenging and fun.

3. Bubble Town

Bubble Town is one of the most commonly played MSN games. The arcade game deals with removing clusters of bombs which are usually in a team of 2 or 3 same colors. Using a cannon, shoot the matching colored barbs so that you can remove them from the board. The MSN games also offer a variety of challenges that will soon become a fun content for you to enjoy.

4. Microsoft Ultimate Word Game

If you are fascinated by Word games then Microsoft’s ultimate word game will provide you not one but three types of word games, such as Word Twister, Crosswords and Wordament. In all of these games, you can create words through tiles of the letter given within a limited time span. This can be a challenge because it lets you recall words while sharpening your word framing skills. By the end of each challenge, you will also be rewarded with treasures and bonus points.

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5. Mahjong

Mahjong is a Chinese puzzle MSN free game that is based on 144 tiles that depict characters and symbols. To play the game, you must remove pairs of identical tiles from the board by exposing them. By the end of the game, all tiles will be revealed until no pairs are left to be exposed. It can be challenging as well as time taking games. If you want to kill some long hours, Mahjong is a preferable MSN free games option.

6. Microsoft Jigsaw

Similar to the traditional jigsaw puzzle game, Microsoft Jigsaw follows a similar trait of the game and is among the top MSN free games. From beginners level, to intermediate and advanced, the game lets you progress slowly and adaptively. If you are into Jigsaws, then this game will not disappoint you at all. The beginner’s level starts at 24 pieces to solve a picture. As you move up, the advanced level increases up to 100 pieces per game.

7. Patchwork

Another great MSN free online games of the puzzle are Patchwork which is unlike many common games for starters. If you are into graphical content and colorful designs, Patchwork will surely be of an appeal to great abstract designs. Your job as a character is to solve intricate designs. It should take you a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to solve a design puzzle. As you start to solve one design in level 1, it starts to increase gradually, provided with many more intriguing designs. Thus, click-place and drag and drop control will be of great help to solve each game.

8. Just Words

Just Words is another MSN free game that you must play before it expires worldwide by the end of 2020. However, it’s HTML5 version will continue to play. During the start of the game, you’d have to pick a random selection of 6 lettered tiles to create a word.

Now, here’s where it gets fun. The word that you create, must cross another word using one of its letters as a common one. Now, for every letter, you will receive a point. Letters that are rare, such as Z or X will have more points.

Other than Just Words, you can also play Bingo, Word List, or Parallel Words modes. In Bingo, you can create words similarly, only that the blue squares in the board can multiply your word count. Meanwhile using Word List, you can refer to words they are one of two syllables. Check out other MSN free online games below as well.

9. 4 Element

If you are into fantasy-themed games then 4 Element being among MSN free games can be of great interest to you. Amidst the magic world, the essence of magic is at stake. Your job as a character is to get back the pictures of magic in the book that are scrambled. But to do so, one must finish a set of puzzles to become one step closer to restoring the balance.

These puzzles consist of a beginner’s stage where you’d have to reveal the pictures that are scrambled. Then, using an easy free online games control, remove identical germs so that everyone can travel. Now, assort 5 gems so that you can create an explosion. As soon as you finish the puzzle you will get a map to find the pictures for restoring them.

10. 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven

Are you interested in building an empire of yours? Then, try 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven as it comes top in MSN free online games. In order to build this empire, you’d have to solve a set of 3 matching puzzles amidst Norwegian Creatures. Remove matching runes from the board in a set of 3 while you can also use Ice Ball or FireBall to remove a set of 4 and 5 runes together respectively. When you clear the board of all the remaining runes, you shall get a Key Stone that is helpful in building your empire.


The list of MSN free online games does not end here. However, these are one of the most popular as well as trending free online games of MSN in 2020. So, start exploring today!


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