Top Five SEO Techniques To Improve Your Site Ranking

SEO Techniques To Improve Your Site Ranking

SEO plays a crucial role in ranking your site. With the best SEO techniques implemented, you will have your site ranked surprisingly well in a short span of time. SEO improves your traffic and with more traffic, you have better conversion too. For Google to rank your site and make you one of the top sites, you need the SEO techniques that are followed by the top websites. They never miss on an opportunity to make their site the best in every aspect. What are you waiting for? Are you new to this world of SEO and traffic? If yes, go that extra mile and make positive results knock at your door.

SEO techniques that will improve your site rank

Search Engine Optimization being one of the important aspects of any growing website, you should following the five top ways of SEO to get your site rank better.

Content: Traffic is driven by the way your content has been presented and the way you have utilized the date to be represented. Quality content is the one that has immense interested facts and figures along with easy and lucid language to understand. The language should be global in nature because your target is not just one country but every part of the world.

An attractive landing page: Without a good landing page, it will be difficult to get more useful customers and client. Websites that have made it to the top have been using this technique and those who have not yet, are still struggling to be there. For those who don’t know what a landing page is, trying to make it simpler. Suppose, you have a website X and you want someone to land to your page from some other channels. The page to where you want people to be directed, which is the landing page. This is one of the best techniques top sites are using to rank on Google.

Images: What is attractive to us attract us. It is likewise with content. A reader will read from the beginning to the end of the article if the featured image is unique and intriguing you to read more of the content. A mysterious image that invokes curiosity is one of the best SEO techniques.

Social Media: Being present on the social media platforms representing your products and services is definitely an idea that you want to try. There are millions of people on various platforms every minute. Social media makes your reach to the traffic in a more convenient manner.

Length of the content: You find contents of every length on various websites. Mostly, the length that you will find is of 300 to 500 words or 1000 at the most. However, as per research and survey, it has been found that a content that has a word limit between 1800 and 2500 is an ideal content and ranks on the top. As per my observation niche like Real Estate Blog and Personal Finance blogs content have approx 2000-3000 words to rank.

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These are the easiest and the best ways to improve the site rank. If you are not able to perform these tasks, you can hire professionals for the tasks mentioned above. Hiring a professional can cost you more than your budget but the best doesn’t come for cheap. You need the result and with your site rank come business revenue. The first and the last method of earning from your website is site rank. If you are on the top, you automatically start earning huge.

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