Top Five Investment Option For The Upcoming Year

Top Five Investment Option

It is the end of the year and let bygones be bygones. New Year is just a few days away and you need to make plans of starting afresh. Adults and working professionals plan of making investments with every fresh start of a new year. If the previous year wasn’t as great as you expected in terms of investment, don’t be disappointed as there are many options that can be opted for to cover up for the mistake done in the previous year. Always invest in items that have a greater scope of growth in the coming year or have been consistent with their growth in last couple of years. Let us discuss five such options for you this year.

Top 5 investments to make this year

As said by Kunj Bansal, “Good prices and good news don’t come together”. He is the Executive Director and CIO of Equities and Centrum Wealth Management. You need to do your budget analysis and make the move as per your convenience. Here is a list of five investment options that can bring result in the long run.

• SIP investment: One of the most stable investment options for every earning class is SIP. It is an investment that gives you long term goal fulfillment. Even though the market situation may fluctuate, rupee cost average remains constant when you invest in SIP. Many have got results investing in the past and it is still going strong. So, yes, without any fear or worry, you can invest in this money making process.

• Real Estate: Although it began as an investment that only the higher section of the society could afford, now the real estate investment is one of the most sought after investments by businessmen and professionals. You will never go wrong with it. The market prices of real estate properties never decline. Every year, they have been showing a steep growth. Why not invest in real estate when you get huge return in future? Before to invest in real estate property check land record online by this way you get to know everything about land size and owner of land.

• Tax-free bonds: Are you a person who wants peace of mind than the anxiety of being at loss after a certain investment? If the answer is yes, tax-free bonds can be of great help as it is stable and doesn’t fluctuate. Guaranteed return is promised and therefore it can be regarded as one of the best options of investment. One factor that can be a demerit for this instrument is that you don’t have the liberty of withdrawing before the maturity date. If you are not in a hurry and everything else is planned, this option can be beneficial for sure.

• Cryptocurrency: Latest in news and making headlines, this investment strategy can work for many as it has already made many millionaires in a short span of time. Without the presence of any middleman in this investment plan, the rate of return is higher. There has been fluctuation for sure but it has been predicted to do really well in future. If you have time and are not in a hurry to withdraw, invest and wait. You will have the result soon. As the rates are pretty low per cryptocurrency, investing now give you better results.

• Tax-Saving Mutual Funds: Tax saving is a priority we look into whenever we are trying to invest. By investing in tax-saving mutual funds, you have the best of the advantage of saving tax amount if you have a saving of a certain amount. With the lowest lock in period, you have the best return to expect. The icing on the cake is the tax-free return.

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Investment is the need of the hour and there is not a single soul who doesn’t want to grow in terms of money and success. While success depends on your career plans, money depends on your investment plans. So without any fear, you can invest in any of the options mentioned above. You will only be in a Win-Win situation definitely.

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