Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites

How To Find Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing is the latest trend and every newbie is attracted to making some money by getting associated with these sites. With a low cost to start and more to get in return, most of the aspiring bloggers, writers and website owners are getting into affiliate marketing. Are you still facing the difficulty in making a choice between other money making processes and affiliate marketing? You should know the highlights of affiliate marketing and a few facts that you can’t ignore.

Few facts

If we take E-Commerce sales in the picture, you will learn that affiliate marketing is one of the top revenue generators for the businesses; contributing to almost 16% of the referrals in the United States
Affiliate marketing is used by more than 80% of the brands for generating revenue
There are many companies that have programs running to let your join in the world of affiliate marketing. Let us know of the five best affiliate marketing websites.

Top affiliate marketing websites

1. Click Bank: The best part about this affiliate marketing website is that you don’t have to deal with any third party in the transaction. You get an opportunity to earn more. Click Bank deals in “Digital goods” those are downloadable and not dispatched to your home.

2. Amazon Associates: It is one of the most common and popular affiliate marketing websites. It is sought after by many for its provisions of welcoming even the beginners. The commission that you are looking for may not be provided by Amazon Associates but the kind of experience and tactics that you will learn can be worth investing time on.

3. The Six Figure Mentors: It is one platform that can give you lucrative money with every sale you make. You can earn up to an amount of $8000 per sale along with an access to the digital learning platform. You not only earn money from this platform but also get to learn a lot about the digital marketing world.

4. eBay: We all know about this name and there is no doubt it can have great affiliate programs for internet marketer. Joining eBay world, you become a part of 162 million buyers who are actively involved in buying consumer goods from the platform. With a huge customer base, you get more with every sale you make for marketing this platform. You also earn brownie point of double commission on completion of your three months. Now, isn’t that great?

5. Colmex Affiliates: If you have tried all other websites and still are not happy, you won’t be disappointed to join hands with Colmex affiliates. With an advantage of earning over 650 dollars with every conversion from your link, you earn 40% commission on the sold item.

Affiliate marketing has been ruling the world of digital world. Who doesn’t like to be recommended by experts? After all, it is true that word of mouth is valued more than any advertisement. With more and more words being told about the product, people believe in what you say and become the brand ambassador of the product.

If your blog or website is running smooth and you have traffic that is insane, you should try these options of affiliate marketing. If you want to earn huge affiliate commission then you should work on Real Estate blog, Personal Finance, health and education, sports.

There is no harm is trying and failing for a couple of times because one who falls will learn how to stand and cross the hurdle. In the beginning, you will behave like an amateur. Once you have cracked a few sales, you will gain the confidence required to invest more time on this than anything else.

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Who doesn’t want to earn sitting at home than doing a 9 to 5 job? There will be a point when you will start earning more than what you are earning from your regular job. What is your choice?

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