Top 10 Best Android Games 2022

Games on Android mobiles are the best time-pass for most of the Android users. As the days pass by, the Android mobiles are getting costlier. Even now you have to pay for some Top 10 Best Android Games 2022 . But fortunately, you can discover some excellent games for Android mobiles at no cost.

If you are a game-addict and love to experiment with different genres of games, then 2020 is the year of free Android games. You can play strategic games as well as racing ones besides fantasies as well. Go through this Top 10 Best Android Games 2022 guide to get a clear concept about the trending games at the very first of this decade.

1- Alto’s Odyssey: Sequel to Alto’s Adventure

If you want to hang out with Alto and his pals, then you might opt for Alto’s Odyssey. This is nothing but a sequel to the previous Android game Alto’s Adventure. The simplicity and charm of the previous game remain untouched with this newer version named Alto’s Odyssey.

But there are additional gameplay elements with the advent of this new version. The game consists of snow-covered landscapes from dunes and deserts. You are still able to collect coins to revive in the game.

The game-changer of this particular game is the addition of different environmental equipment like ballons, tornadoes, etc. These will challenge you but you can take help from the combo of the infinite runner and relaxing Zen gameplay options. This game is free if you are used to facing advertisements. If advertisements are irritating you, make an in-app purchase to avoid interruptions while playing Alto’s Odyssey

2- Call of Duty: Latest

This game is now trending in every list of popular Best Android Games in 2022 . The mobile version of Call of Duty is the latest addition to the index of Android games. You can play an online battle consisting of 100 players.

The piece of good news is that you need not spend bucks to enjoy this addictive game. Call of Duty: Mobile is free to play. You can purchase the game as well to avoid the disturbance caused by advertisements. Call of Duty: Mobile is always available on Google Play Store.

3- PUBG Mobile: Global Craze

If you love to play battle games, then PUBG should remain in the first position in the list of your choices. The first reason to choose PUBG Mobile is the graphics. The graphics seem so excellent and smooth that your interest increases on and on.

Coming to the gameplay components like the 8X8 kilometer battlefield, searching for other competitors, etc. are awesome. Moreover, you can customize the controls on your smartphone. If you have already downloaded this game on your Android phone, make sure that you update the game on a regular basis. The developers use to add something new at almost every new update.

4- Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Fantasy Gets Strategic

Most people are used to playing Final Fantasy on computers. But there’s good news for Android users too. You can now feel the taste of Final Fantasy through the Android version named Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. You are getting some of the same game components from the premium version like hidden treasures, dungeon explorations, secret dungeons, etc.

The game is easy to learn and play. But you need to apply some strategic tricks to win over the game. The game rewards you frequently with quests, missions, and activities. You can opt for other Final Fantasy games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Mobius Final Fantasy if you like this one.

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5- Asphalt 9: Trending in Racing Games

This is a larger-than-life racing game residing in the Arcade genre of Android games. If you love car racing games, then you are going to love this, too. Soar high in the air with your car, spin cars, drive at an insane speed with Asphalt 9. There’s no need to worry if you don’t acquire car insurance in the world of virtual games.

Your car moves on rails with the facility that you can swipe among the lanes available on the game. Boost the speed whenever you want, drift the speed when needed. You can enjoy the full racing feel through this racing game. You might try out Asphalt 8 as well to experience real world-map and locations.

6- Beach Buggy Racing 2: Race in Medieval Times

You can race with your own rider in the Beach Buggy Racing 2. This high-octane kart racing game makes you travel from medieval fire-throwing dragons to castles. You can experience dinosaurs, sea-monsters through which you have to bounce off.

The goal of the game is to reach the finishing line first. The shortcuts and power-up are available there to assist you with winning the race. Graphics of the game are quite impressive and the compulsion loop is strong enough. There is only one thing that may disappoint you is that there is no league. Otherwise, you might enjoy playing the Beach Buggy Racing 2 game in your leisure.

7-Brawl Stars: Shooting Sensation

This is the latest addition in the list of Best Android Games in 2022 from Supercell. You can compete with online players, even with the MOBA players. You need to win the game with your teammates. Additionally, you can discover a few modes of this game.

In a straight brawl mode, you need to collect crystals. You have to steal the treasure from your opponent if you opt for the Heist mode. As the game passes, you can unlock different characters or brawler heroes along with their own unique moves and superweapons.

8- Clash Royale: Real-Time Strategy

Clash Royale is a free Android Game developed by Supercell. You can taste a mixture of the online battle arena, tower defense, and collectible card games at the same time if you choose Royale Clash.

Choose the 1×1 or 2×2 game mode while playing with an opponent or team of opponents. You will receive the rank according to the trophies you could win. Well, you can gain experience by sharing and upgrading your cards. Win the battle by real-time strategic tricks.

The game is free to play and is available on Google Play Store. The game is available over the years but not monotonous. Because Supercell launches new features with each update of the Clash Royale game.

9- Pokemon Go: Catch’em All

This game rocked the gaming platform when it was released in 2016. This game is still popular for teenagers to aged people. You can relive the nostalgia of your childhood by playing this game. We mean who hasn’t watched at least one episode of the famous cartoon series Pokemon.

Basically, you have to explore the Pokemons around you. Next, you have to catch them with Pokeballs. You can visit the Pokestops and Pokegyms to fight a battle with online players on the Pokemon Go.

The achievements of yours depending on the number of Pokemon you caught, the rewards you got in the battle, etc. The game is still evolving with new features like raid battle, trainer battles, etc. This game continues to trend for more years, according to game analysts.

10-  Ancestor: Puzzle Game

You have checked out different types of games, till now. We are introducing a puzzle game to you. But this is not an ordinary puzzle game. This fast-pacing game tests your quick reflexes and sharp thinking abilities. Your role is to overcome all the traps and enemies with shooters.

You have to raise your ability as the game passes day by day. The game becomes more difficult to win over. But this is a great option to test your own reflexes. You can easily download the game from the Google Play Store. You are free to purchase in-app purchases like upgrades and characters. Well, you might play the game without those in-app purchases, also.

Final Verdict

Now, you can move towards the Google Play Store to download the top 10 free Android games that matches your mood. We have highlighted only those free Android games that are most popular. Play the game that you find interesting. By the way, you can download all of these Best Android Games  if the storage of your Android smartphone is not a restriction.


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