The Ultimate Christmas Watches Gifting Guide

“Time is your most precious gift,” or so says every sickly sweet inspirational quote on Facebook. But turns out there may be some truth to the cheese-on-toast adage. You just need to take the phrase literally.

A well-made watch is a gift that no man will fake-smile at. After all, some sweet wrist candy is usually the closest thing a man gets to jewellery, and is often received with the same gusto as a new diamond ring or necklace (though the need to squeal is, usually, more restrained). Clock our favorites for this Christmas below.

Chopard Mille Miglia Watches

The Miglia Miglia line has been a long time cookin’ in the cauldrons of Chopard, reaching its peak only recently with the introduction of Chopard’s in-house calibers made available in some select pieces. Other references are offered at a lower price point with sourced calibers. Chopard Mille Miglia has always been one of the best bets if you want to gift a premium watch.

The Chopard 01.08-C caliber offers 60 hours of power reserve matched to a higher 4 Hertz frequency (some of the competition drops this to attain such extended power reserve), boasts COSC certification, and carries a characteristic Chopard aesthetic to separate it from movements made by suppliers of the watch industry.

Bell & Ross BR V1-92 Bellytanker

Franco-Swiss brand Bell & Ross doesn’t only look skywards for inspiration, but backwards, too. The BR V1-92 Bellytanker – a watch inspired by the earliest military watches of the 1940s – takes its name from the emergency drop tank fitted within the bowels of fighter planes. History repeating itself can be a very good thing.

Ted Baker Samual Round Face Leather Watch

Is the man in your life consistently rocking up late to social gatherings/family gatherings/just gatherings in general? Does he attempt to justify himself with excuses such as: “My watch is broken”, “I don’t have a watch”, or even “Well, actually time doesn’t exist and is merely a social construct”? Shut him up by giving him this affordable but beautiful gold faced watch from Ted Baker. It may not stop him being a smart-arse, but at least he won’t have an excuse next time.

Tudor Heritage

Tudor may be best known for sturdy masculine watches, but it does a good statement line too. This remixed 2017 Heritage Black Bay features a dual metal bracelet (something of an enduring trend in the watch world) and a fail-safe black and gold dial to help outshine more ludicrously priced arm cannons.

Seiko Men’s Chronograph

Seiko has its detractors amongst the old guard: it’s not Swiss enough, it’s not swish enough, and so on and so forth. Nobody can doubt the quality, though. For a stitch of Geneva price tags, the Japanese label that almost toppled the luxury watch industry boasts craftsmanship, technicality and brand recognition – three things wholly present in the Seiko Men’s Chronograph.

Apple Watch Series 3

Everyone knows an Applehead. And, understandably, most Appleheads want – sorry, need – the third incarnation of the Apple Watch. Surprisingly enough, the tech juggernaut’s horological update also lends itself well to non-techies too, with in-built GPS, an improved display and a faster OS – meaning you don’t have to be tied to your phone when using it.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum

Montblanc’s Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum: sounds a lot like a Japanese anime, is actually a Swiss-German timepiece rich in function. The handsome dial packs a highly detailed world timer – a complex feature that charts the time in locales around the globe – with enough mechanical excellence to last a lifetime (and probably that of your offspring).

Raymond Weil Toccata

Swiss watches needn’t cost the earth. Especially if you go for something like Raymond Weil’s Toccata. What this classic watch lacks in price tag it makes up for in showmanship, with resilient PVD gold plating throughout and a sizable 39mm diameter.

Farer Beagle Automatic

Lime green may seem an unusual choice for a pilot’s watch. Then again, Farer is a brand that’s gaining a reputation for rule breaking. In addition to debuting classic watches in unconventional colourways, the British label prices its line of automatics – the kind of watches that use kinetic momentum to keep ticking – far below its competitors.


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