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The map is one significant thing that all players should deeply learn about if they are in first-person shooter games like csgo. Apart from trial maps, the user will go through a total of eight maps when it comes to competitive matches. best map collection are also used at the international level to play competitive matches. Else than this, learning about maps is also significant to ensure a better game and continuous improvement in skills. Practicing any of these maps, again and again, will make you an expert, and then you can use your strength to make your team win. Let’s have a look into the eight maps that are available for csgo players:


If you are looking forward to learning about strategy, then mirage is the perfect choice to go with. It is the most used map of csgo. It is used by beginners to learn about strategy. The best map collection is based on three lanes. There are no fixed rounds in this match. The number of rounds depends upon the skill and attack of the enemy. The map is very rotation friendly and allows changes in the phase of the map.


Another interesting map that gives all the control to the player at the start of the match is an inferno. All the player needs to do is find the bombsites with the help of the map keeping your bombsite safe at the same time. Inferno is good to go map mostly for teams that have better communication skills. As bad communication will make the attacking and defending of bombsite easy and simple. However, not just for this map, csgo is a team-based game that needs good communication at all levels.


Like a mirage, the cache is also an excellent pick in case the player is working on there strategic skills. It is also a three-lane that is very simple to play on and understand. The cache map is mostly recommended for players that are new to csgo as it makes the players learn all the necessary skills. It is also a good choice for pro players who wants to learn and enhance their mechanical skills. They can easily practice and try their skills in the open area available. The match has all a new csgo player can ask for practice and skill gaining.

Dust 2:

Every map has a reason for its popularity among players, similarly, Dust 2 is known for its benefits. The three lanes in the map and the three entries make dust 2 a most played map of csgo. The map is built in a way that is suitable for both a well-communicated team and single players that are looking for a good team. So if you are looking for a team or looking forward to having a good competitive match with your team, then do visit this csgo map with your friends and have a good time.

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Like the above one, the map’s controls are all given into the player’s hands at the start. The team that gets to the bombsite, get the other team into trouble with a sever rotation. Players that are good at long-distance aiming usually enjoy this map more and are more successful. The map provides new players with the opportunity to see new tricks to play and new techniques. Not just this, even high aimers and players play this map and let other new players know how to play the game.


Unlike all other maps, the train is just for players that know a little about the csgo game and environment. The reason behind this is the control the map offers to defense only and not to the terrorist. The new players playing on this map may be finding csgo a very difficult game however, this is not true. All csgo maps have something special and the train is known for its difficulty for terrorists as they have to reach the bombsite by passing through congested corridors. So this map is a good choice for the good after knowing what are you competent and want to go for.


Cobblestone is like an old age map that is not well designed when it comes to corridors. Although you can find an open area at so many places on the map. The map rotations and other things are easily predictable by the pro player and in exceptional cases by beginners too.


When it comes to the nuke map, it is not a perfect choice for newcomers. It should be played by players that are at a distinguished master guardian level. The three levels of the map each full of enemies make the newbie confused and distress. All these factors together make the maps not a good option for new players.


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