TamilRockers: Download Tamil And Bollywood HD Movies

TamilRockers: Download Bollywood And Hollywood HD Movies

TamilRockers: Online subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have become very popular recently. It allows people to watch movies and TV series on their smartphone, PC or Smart TV. Usually, new movies are added on these platforms after a few months from its theatrical releases. However, there are certain online streaming websites where you can watch new movies right after it is released. One of the most popular websites for viewing the latest movies is TamilRockers.

TamilRockers: What is it?

TamilRockers is a popular online streaming website where you can watch popular Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian movies for free. There are a few speculations that the website is run by a group from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. For the most part, this website is exceptionally popular among South Indian movie lovers. Additionally, you can watch movies in High Definition and download them as well. Also, you can create a free account on TamilRockers to enjoy additional benefits.

What can you Watch on TamilRockers?

Usually, TamilRockers website mostly focuses on South Indian movies. However, you can find the following movie collections on the website.

Tamil Movies

To begin with, Tamil movies include movie collections from Tamil Nadu and Chennai. Here, the Tamil cinema is popularly known as Kollywood and is known for their rich storylines. TamilRockers are notoriously known for uploading movies on their platform just one day after it is released in the theatres. Some popular movies in this collection include Sillu Karuppatti, Karuppu Durai and blockbusters from the famous actor Rajinikanth.

Telugu Movies

In comparison to Tamil movies, Telugu movies are based on some states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Telugu cinema is known as Tollywood and is popular for its action-based flicks. Baahubali, which is the most epic flick of all time in Indian Cinema, is a part of the Telugu Cinema. In particular, some popular movies like Oopiri and #PelliChoopulu are a part of Tollywood. Moreover, you can find a vast collection of movies from popular actors like Prabhas, Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu.

Malayalam Movies

Also known as Mollywood, Malayalam movies are based on the state of Kerala. It is the fourth biggest cinema in India and is known for producing popular movies in the Drama genre. Some of the most popular movies like Munnariyippu, Drishyam and Thaniyavarthanam are a part of Malayalam cinema. Accordingly, you can find some great movie collections from famous actors like Mammootty and Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair.

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood cinema is the largest cinema in the world according to the number of feature films produced. It is the main cinema in India that was formerly known as Bombay Cinema. For the most part, Bollywood has made some of the best top-grossing movies like Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK. They range across various genres but are centred around either Romance or Drama. Also, famous superstars like Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan belong to this cinema.

Hollywood Movies

One of the largest film industries across the world is Hollywood. Subsequently, it is based in the United States and varies from a range of genres like Action, Thriller, Psychological and Romance. Some of the highest-grossing movies like Avengers: Endgame, Avatar and Titanic are a product of the Hollywood cinema. Well, known actors like Leonardo Di Caprio, Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. work in this film industry.

Other Foreign Movies

Apart from Indian and Hollywood movies, TamilRockers have a few international movie collections as well. Some of these movies are in English, dubbed in Hindi or their regional language. However, you can easily find English subtitles for these films. Here is a list of countries whose movies you can find and discover on TamilRockers.

1. Germany
2. France
3. Canada
4. UK
5. Hong Kong
6. Japan
7. Spain
8. Australia
9. China

User Interface of  TamilRockers

TamilRockers’ website is very simple to navigate and pretty straightforward. On the Homepage itself, you can see a list of all the latest movies that have been released in theatres. You can find and discover thousands of movies from various countries. You can even see a list of upcoming movies that are yet to be released. Generally, TamilRockers upload a new movie as soon as they can and most probably on a daily basis. In some cases, they may upload HD quality of older movies as well.

Categorisation of Movies

Apart from an intuitive website interface, TamilRockers categorise their movies in a friendly way. Incidentally, the films are broadly classified under Country, Years and Genres. Thereafter, you can find movies according to its subcategories in Countries and the year it was released. The Genre section carefully categorises each movie based on its main theme. Therefore, you can search for movies according to Action, Romance, Comedy, etc.

Additionally, the website has a search bar where you can manually search for a movie. However, you may not always find what you’re looking for. This is because TamilRockers are mostly centred around recent movies that are currently in the theatres.

Popular Features of TamilRockers

People choose TamilRockers as they do not wish to go to a cinema, find parking or buy food. These tasks can be quite tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, people opt to watch movies and TV series on streaming platforms. Thus, TamilRockers is a popular choice for watching movies as opposed to going to a theatre.

Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy from TamilRockers.

Completely Free

To begin with, TamilRockers is completely free of cost. There are no subscription or joining fees for creating an account on the website. Also, you can watch movies from different genres from various countries for free.

Vast Movies Collection

You can explore and discover thousands of movie titles and films on TamilRockers. Ordinarily, the website primarily focuses on Indian movies. However, you can find some worthy titles from other countries as well. Additionally, you can find some Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi as well. Incidentally, the Indian audience is their main target market.

High-Speed Downloads

TamilRockers uses a special peer-to-peer protocol for downloading or streaming movies at high speeds. The downloading speed is higher than the normal browsing or downloading speed. Generally, files are downloaded from the server which acts as a bridge for the sender and receiver. This is why the download speeds are usually capped. However, downloads from TamilRockers are done directly from the source. As a result, there is no middleman. Hence, users can enjoy high speeds while downloading movies from the website.

High Definition Quality

Apart from its vast movie collection, TamilRockers is popularly known for providing movies in the best qualities. Therefore, you can watch movies at 720p, 1080p and even 4k right on their website. You can also save some data by streaming in lower qualities like 360p or 480p. For recent movies, you can find them in CAM quality which is usually poor. However, the quality can get better over time when it is recorded from new sources.

Latest Movies

Hundreds of people rely on TamilRockers for the latest movies as they have an impeccable track record. They upload the most recent movies on the website right after the movie is released in the theatres. However, they are provided in CAM quality which may not cater to the visual experience. By the way, the quality does get better to 720p and 1080p after a few weeks since its initial release.

Why is TamilRockers Free?

As stated earlier, TamilRockers is entirely free and you can watch any movies that you want. However, it has various sources of revenue. This allows the website to continue doing the work as it does. Subsequently, let’s focus on various sources through which the websites earn their money.

Revenue Per Downloads

There are a handful of online services that pay you for hosting files on their website. Thereafter, you need to generate revenue on each member who downloads the file from your link. Thus, TamilRockers embedded these links for movie downloads. As a result, they are earning on every download done through this link. Hence, it is one of the sources for their revenue.


In case you are not using an Adblocker, you will notice that TamilRockers have loads of advertisements on their page. This is another source of income for them. The advertisements might appear on their web pages according to your local cookies. Hence, you may see advertisements based on your interests. TamilRockers generate revenue on both displaying and clicks on these advertisements.

Pop-up Ads

The easiest way of earning revenue is by setting up pop-up ads. Generally, these are the highest sources of revenue for the website. However, it can be annoying for a user as these ads are placed almost everywhere.

tamilRockers earn revenue whenever a pop-up ad is displayed through false clicks. It’s one of the reasons why you may be redirected a couple of times before you can watch the movie.

Is TamilRockers a Torrent Website?

Incidentally, a Torrent is a METAINFO file which can be used to download movies, music, applications, books and even games. It also works based on a Peer-to-Peer protocol that allows the faster download of a file. Usually, the content downloaded through torrents is illegal as it is against the law. Various websites facilitate downloading through torrent files. Pirate Bay is one of the most notorious websites for providing torrents.

In India, TamilRockers is known as the Indian version of Pirate Bay. Although they both work through a peer-to-peer protocol, they are not similar. Pirate Bay is merely a platform for downloading torrents.

However, TamilRockers is a streaming platform where you can watch movies directly on the website. However, users can choose to download movies through a torrent client.

How to Download HD Movies from TamilRockers?

TamilRockers allows its visitors to watch HD movies for free. Usually, users are required to sign up with the website to download movies. Creating an account on the website is very easy and doesn’t incur any fee. Moreover, you are required to create an account only when you click on the Download button. Incidentally, there is no option to log in or join the website on its homepage.

Currently, there are two ways to download HD movies from TamilRockers.

Direct Links

The first way to download movies from TamilRockers is through direct links. Generally, these are mostly clicked as you do not need a torrenting client to download the movies. Additionally, these are the links that help the website to generate revenue. Thus, you simply need to click on the link and it will redirect you to a file hosting service. Thereafter, you have to solve a captcha to prove that you’re not a robot. It is usually easy where you have to select certain images or enter the text as shown in the image. After the verification, the download starts right away.

Torrent Links

Oftentimes, direct links offer a normal download speed unless you are using an internet download manager. Alternatively, torrent links are available for those who use torrenting clients. BitTorrent and uTorrent clients are the most popular torrenting clients that can be downloaded for free. After that, you can download the movie’s torrent file or click on the Magnet link.

Once downloaded, now you have to click on the torrent file to start the download. Alternatively, you can click on the Magnet link to directly launch the torrenting client to start the download. One added benefit of downloading through torrents is its high download speed. TamilRockers generate revenue through these links by embedding pop-up ads.

How to Stream Movies on TamilRockers?

TamilRockers uploads the latest movies in High definition qualities. It is completely free to browse, discover and stream movies on their website. You can even search for a specific movie through the search bar. After selecting a movie, you can choose the streaming quality as well. Generally, the movies are available in CAM, 720p and 1080p. However, lower qualities may be available as well. Once selected, you can click on the Play button and start streaming right away. Accordingly, you can create a free account to enjoy additional benefits.

Benefits of Signing up with TamilRockers:

Apart from the option to download movies, a TamilRockers account can provide some additional features too. The most common ones have been listed below.

Community Benefits

After signing up for an account, you can choose a special username to be seen by other members. Usually, an account can be easily created through an email address and basic details like Name and Birthdate. After that, you will become a part of the TamilRockers community. This will allow you to interact with other members. Moreover, you will be able to provide ratings and reviews to the movies.

No Download Limit

Incidentally, you can download a few selected movies without creating an account. However, there may be a limit on such downloads. In comparison, tamilRockers members have no download limits and can download as many movies as they like. They can choose to download either from a direct link or through a torrenting client.

Fewer Advertisements and no Pop-Up Ads

Normally, the tamilRockers website is loaded with advertisements and pop-up ads. Although an Adblocker can help you to get rid of them, you may not be able to stream any movies. However, you can enjoy fewer advertisements on the page by creating a TamilRockers account. You can also stream or download movies with little to no pop-up advertisements.

Requesting a Movie With TamilRockers

TamilRockers has a special “Request a Movie” section where you can request them to upload a particular movie. For this, you have to create an account on the website before requesting a movie. Thus, join the website or log in to your TamilRockers account. After that, go to the ‘Request a Movie’ section from the homepage. Thereafter, comment on the movie you want to request in the format given below –

Movie Name: Ex. Hey Jude
Movie Year: Ex. 2021
Movie Language: Ex. Tamil

Thereafter, the group behind TamilRockers will go through the comments and upload the movie if they can. Around 90% of the time, they comply with the user’s requests. Other times, they may not be able to add the respective movie. This can occur if the movie has no digital copy or is an exceptionally old one. Another reason for failing to comply with the request is if there are no viable sources for availing the movie.

How to Access TamilRockers if it is Blocked?

There are a few instances where you are unable to access the TamilRockers website as it might be blocked. This problem occurs as per the instructions given out by the Indian government due to violating a few laws. However, there are various ways to access such a blocked website. It can be termed as workarounds or loopholes. Here are some of the most popular ways to do so.

Using a Proxy Server

Usually, the website gets blocked when you send a direct request to the server. However, by sending requests through an intermediary, you can easily solve this problem. This is where a proxy server comes in. It helps to bypass the website restrictions and you can access it without any problems. You can find various online websites and platforms that provide such a service. You simply have to enter the URL of TamilRockers and it will access the website for you.

Through a VPN Service

Another easy way to access a website is by using a VPN Service. A Virtual Private Network or VPN allows the user to mask their identity and make anonymous requests. As a result, it allows the user to access any blocked website through a geolocation bypass. Thus, your real IP address and location will be masked.

There are various other benefits of using a VPN service. It helps to filter the network traffic securely and protects the user from unauthorised infiltration. However, these VPN services come at a subscription fee and may vary from provider to provider. Always try to stay away from free VPN services as they are slow and ridden with advertisements. Some free VPN services may even harm your computer with malware or a virus.

Changing the DNS Servers

You can also unblock the TamilRockers website by simply changing your system’s DNS settings. You can do this in a few simple steps. Hence, follow the steps given below to enjoy an unrestricted Internet experience.

Press the Windows logo and the letter ‘R’ at the same time. This will launch the ‘Run’ dialog box. Here, type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and press Enter.

Now, right-click on your Network Adapter and click on Properties.
Thereafter, click on IPv4 and again, select Properties.
Here, click on Use the following DNS server checkbox.
After that, enter the following details besides Preferred and Alternate DNS Servers.
Preferred DNS Server –
Alternate DNS Server –

6. Now save your settings and close the dialog boxes. You will now be able to access the TamilRockers’ website without any problems.

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Alternate URLs of TamilRockers

In addition to the above methods, you can also access tamilRockers through an alternate URL. TamilRockers’ website gets blocked almost immediately. Therefore, they have several alternate domains to continue providing their services. Hence, you can go through the following list to learn about some of them.

There are a lot more URLs than the ones mentioned below. tamilRockers regularly adds new domains to their list so that you can continue enjoying the movies on their website.

Tamilrockers.cl Tamilrockers.ai
Tamilrockers.az Tamilrockers.hn
TamilRockers.la Tamilrockers.vu
Tamilrockers.mx TamilRockers.in
Tamilrockers.az Tamilrockers.ru
Tamilrockers.vs Tamilrockers.la
Tamilrockers.by Tamilrockers.mz
Tamilrockers.ws Tamilrockerrs.pl
Tamilrockerrs.co Tamilrockerrs.ch
Tamilrockerss.ch Tamilrockerss.co

Disclaimer Notice

This is to notify that we do not condone or promote the viewing or distribution of pirated content. The above article is purely informational and is not produced in collaboration or in support of the website. TamilRockers is a pirating website that releases the latest movies on its platform by recording the same in theatres. This activity is illegal and viewing the same is seen with the same discretion by law. Moreover, downloading and viewing pirated content without going to the theatres can negatively affect the sales of these movies.

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