Sea of thieves : Is it available free

Being one of the high-rated online multiplayer games, Sea of Thieves has already gained immense recognition among the gamers, worldwide. This most anticipated game allows you to role-play of a pirate and you get to be the sea master commanding your fellow pals.

Sea of Thieves, first launched in the year of 2018, is an action-based adventure that lets you explore several plots to uncover the hidden treasures in the pirate world. The players need to accomplish all the provided missions to reach the last level of the game. Additionally, you have to complete the voyages from diversified trading companies to gain the title of the ultimate pirate legend.

There will be several constraints during these voyages; you have to overcome all of it in order to win the game. Recently, new pet connections are added to make the game more alluring for the online controller players. So, find a suitable crew for you and unleash the unseen possibilities of these pirate worlds. Experience a cinematic experience while combating the battle against enemies.

About this Game

Anyone can become a pirate legend. Showcase your seafaring skill and treasure-hunting tenacity to the world of players. Compete with them, establish a connection with your constructed clan members, and fight together against your rivals in a much more comfortable and tricky way. Additionally, while venturing from one ocean to the other, there will be several journeys filled with friends and foes. The players need to be extremely careful about recognizing their teammates amongst the several enemies to reach the treasure-failed islands successfully. So, engage in epic ship battles and stand against the legendary creatures to stick up till the end of the game.

There will be some sort of pirate codes that will help you to rank up the game position. The player who will play the role of the Pirate will command the other players on how to accomplish the missions and raid the forts or ships. You can even upgrade your ship after collecting an adequate amount of gold from the hidden island treasures.

Availability of this Game

Sea of Thieves is briefly developed by the legendary gaming company UK Studio Rare. And, after an interval of one month or two, this game you get an update. Previously, there were some random sound glitches and freezing issues, which has been completely eradicated. So, the players are now getting a smooth gaming experience while playing this exclusive game.

Sea of Thieves is easy to download and can be purchased right now. However, this action game is currently available only for the Xbox One and PC users. And, if you are a PS4 user, here is bad news for you. In the PS4, Sea of Thieves update is not yet released. And, no such information was passed regarding the release date or availability of this game for the PlayStations.

And, there are several reasons why the PS4 Sea of Thieves update won’t be available. The prime reason behind such occurrence is that the UK Studio Rare, which is the game development company, released this game, is officially owned by Microsoft. Alongside, Microsoft also manufactures one of the most top-rated video game consoles, such as Xbox One.

As a result, Rare has concluded that only the Xbox One and PC gamers will be getting the Sea of Thieves update. Moreover, if anyone purchased this game through their personal computer, they can access the game on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, you cannot do this for the PS4 sea of thieves players.

Is There Any Possibility of Releasing Sea of Thieves on PS4?

Well! We don’t want to provide any false hope to the PS4 Sea of Thieves players. Because Microsoft did not disclose any information about the release date or the possibility of relating it to Sony’s play system. However, nothing is impossible.

Because, previously, UK Rare Studio, the renowned gaming organization had released various other games for the PS4 players. And, this includes the most popular games like Minecraft. Additionally, Microsoft also launched various titles on Nintendo Switch for the PlayStation 4 players globally.

However, there is tough competition between Sony and Microsoft, and this rigid competition is more likely to restraining Microsoft to introduce the PS4 Sea of Thieves update on pc . Previously, Horizon Zero Dawn, a Sony-owned game, didn’t get released for the Xbox One players, because of high-market competition. Therefore, we are probably not going to get PS4 Sea of Thieves or related updates on the Playstation.

But, it can be stated that we all know, when there is a will, there is always a way. And, the Sony Playstation manufacturer still hopes to get the game. But, right now, this best selling Xbox One game is not going to come to the spotlight this year.

Alternative to Sea of Thieves

If you are more into some pirate action games, then there are plenty of other alternatives that you should undoubtedly consider running on your PlayStation 4. Ubisoft, one of the best gaming companies in the world, has recently announced that Skull and Bones are coming to PS4.

Additionally, it is also going to be released on Xbox One and Windows PC. With this tactical game, you can set your voyage across the Indian Ocean and become a legendary Pirate Captain.


A large number of audiences are still in a dilemma about the Sea of Thieves update on the PS4. And, they are even highly willing to purchase the game even at a higher price. Moreover, there are thousands of players who prefer playing on game consoles rather than the PC. And, they are positively hoping that one day, Microsoft will cross-play with Sony to launch Sea of Thieves on the PS4 or PS5. So, don’t’ lose hope, cross your fingers, and hope for the best!

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