PDFBear: How to Easily Convert JPG to PDF for Free

Handling files and documents digitally can be stressful. You need to turn a specific file format into a different file format, and sometimes you might think it is impossible to do. Such an example would be converting JPG files to PDF.

JPG, a collaborative photographic group, is a photo file format that many people use to save pictures. When you think of it, converting JPG files into PDF files seems impossible to do since it will be a photo to text. This article will show you how to convert JPG to PDF for free with zero hassle easily.

How to convert JPG files to PDF files?

If you want to turn a JPG to PDF free, all you need is a PDF tool. There are tons of PDF tools online, but you must find one that also offers file conversion. The best one to use online is PDFBear, and many people love how this PDF converter works.

Aside from converting PDF files, PDFBear can also merge, extract, combine, edit, and view PDF files most quickly. So, if you are looking for a PDF tool to convert online, PDFBear can surely help you with that dilemma.

How to convert JPG to PDF using PDFBear

Using PDFBear is very straightforward and easy to do. All you need to follow is four steps: upload, choose, convert, and download. According to many PDF tool users, PDFBear is the easiest PDF converter to use online, and it is free to use anytime and anywhere.

To convert JPG files to PDF using PDFBear, you need to upload a JPG file on the server. You can simply drag and drop the JPG file on the site or upload one manually from your selected folder. Once you have the file on the server, it will automatically scan the file for conversion.

Next, you need to choose your options. Since you will convert JPG to PDF, select that option. You can also customize your conversion, do some edits if you wish, and add more customization to your file. Once done, hit on Convert, and it will turn your JPG file into a PDF in seconds.

Once done, you now have a newly formatted and converted PDF file from the JPG. The texts extracted from the JPG file are transferred to a new PDF file that you can use. You have the option to download the document on your computer or save it in your cloud storage. PDFBear supports One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Why choose PDFBear?

Aside from being the most efficient PDF tool and converter online, PDFBear is the best PDF tool to use because of its features. Unlike other tools you can find on the internet, PDFBear has everything you need, and you do not need to make any installations. Here are some features that you need to know about PDFBear.

Efficient and simple

You will never have a hard time uploading files on the server because you can simply drag and drop them. You can select the JPG files from your computer or a cloud storage provider. PDFBear supports all three top-tier cloud storage, which is Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Images have SSL Encryption.

When you upload JPG files on PDFBear, the site has the best and most advanced technology and SSL encryption. Once you upload a JPG file or any file that you wish to convert to PDF format, PDFBear ensures that all data is secure. You will always be at peace and ease when you use PDFBear.

Upload more than one image

Other PDF tools and converters are only limited to convert one JPG file at a time. However, for PDFBear, users can upload as many JPG files as they wish for conversion. They can also convert multiple JPG files and compile them into one PDF file. PDFBear is flexible and reliable when it comes to conversions.

Supports all platforms

Some users worry that when they find the PDF tool or converter that they want to use, they couldn’t use it still because it is not compatible with the device they are using it in. for PDFBear, you don’t have to stress about that dilemma because you can use this tool in any laptop, computer, or device. It is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac.

Everything that you need is here.

When you use PDFBear, you won’t only get a converter tool. The server has all the tools needed for editing, merging, extracting, and more. Aside from JPG files, they also support conversions to PDF from BMP, PNG, GIF, and more.


Now that you know all the facts about JPG to PDF conversion using PDFBear, it’s up to you whether you will use the tool to your advantage. Moreover, PDFBear is genuinely trusted and is considered to be a useful tool for any PDF conversion. It’s free and can be used even if you are anywhere across the world!


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