Negative Emotions Can Run Your Relationship

There is a straight ladder connecting to the end of a relationship, that ladder is called emotions. Navigating these emotions are in your hands, technology is based on your thoughts and your thinking level. Our emotions get driven through outside circumstances, actually, that’s how our brain works. 

divorced marriage is skewed by what researchers call the negativity effect. When we hear criticism, praises, compliments, and bad words, we have a tendency to react to bad compliments instead of enjoying the praise.

How to Deal with Negative Emotions in a Relationship

There are plenty of kinds of emotion, some of that should be expressed and some of that shouldn’t be. The negative emotion that should be expressed makes the bond of the relationship stronger. Keeping things to yourself and holding grudges against another person will not only destroy your relationship but also will create a huge impact of negativity in a relationship that might not even help when needed to resolve the issues. Express your negative emotions when necessary such as Anger at a particular behavior of your partner but there should be limits to show your expression. In a divorced marriage there shouldn’t be any kind of disrespect verbally nor disrespectful behavior while showing your emotion. 

Anxiety & Sadness:

If you’re anxious or feeling anxious about anything. Talk to each other, open up and communicate, try to figure out the things before it gets worse. Communication plays a great role in enhancing your relationship. 

Sadness is a basic human emotion that should be expressed when needed so that your partner can know what makes you sad and should be a bit careful not to do it again as that’s how the relationship gets stronger and stronger. 

Types of Negative Emotions we need to be careful of more:

Envy or jealousy is the worst kinda emotion of all. It doesn’t only destroy the relationship but also make you do such things/ reactions that you would have never intended towards your spouse or particular relation. Some of the tips are: Shift your focus on the goodness of life, understand the idea that not everybody has it all and stop comparing as we are not in other’s shoes, spend time with grateful humans, celebrate other’s success, and be generous. 

Resentment and disappointment are negative emotions that keep on arising in any relationship over time to time due to plenty of different reasons. As “we all are humans and humans aren’t perfect. ” It is human behavior to make mistakes but the best among all are those who repent or try to cope up with it. 

Frustration or being annoyed in a relationship. As time passes we keep becoming so busy with our lives and ourselves that we forget that the relationship also needs some spice up or change or attention. In relation, people spend time together but forget their own personal life and the relations that matter in it. Every creature needs some love, affection, and care. If there is no love or affection in a relationship.  Meet more people with more love to ensure that you are not inclined towards negative emotions in Punjabi matrimony.


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