Neemrana Master Plan: Enhancing Property Value with a High Potential

Neemrana Master Plan

Neemrana is known to be one of the fastest developing areas in India. It has a huge geographical benefit as it is situated on NH8 with a close proximity to other industrial areas like Bhiwadi, Bawal, Khushkhera, and Tapukhera. On the other hand, Neemrana has also emerged as one of the prospering areas because of its direct association with the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

It has been identified to be developed as the Phase-I of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor—due to which, the urban development & housing department has notified the Neemrana master Plan to develop the area with an all-inclusive infrastructural development. 

On the other side, it has also allured some big industrialists such as Nissan, NYK Logistics, Mitsui Chemicals, Nippon, and other to set up their establishment. 

Key salient of the proposed master plan:

As per the official notification, it is basically aimed at creating a strong economic corridor with a globally viable environment and sophisticated infrastructure to advance the domestic business, to allure foreign funds, and to get a sustainable development across Neemrana. 

About 160 km across the 1,500 km long freight corridor have been identified to have an extensive growth in form of industrial clusters and several projects.     

Neemrana Master Plan:

The master plan for Neemrana area is all aimed at pushing growth in the multiple sectors. More than 500 sq km of land area has been identified for the development—by developing a freight corridor to fuel the growth in an extensive area. 

Keeping the bright prospect of Neemrana in mind, the realtors have already started their housing projects and others so as to tap on the possible positive outcome of the proposed Neemrana Master Plan. As the experts believe, a large number of workforces would be migrating to the location in years to come due to the industrial growth and ongoing development of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). 

With a huge industrial growth playing as a key factor for the housing projects, the real estate development in Neemrana will have a positive go-ahead with an extensive development. 

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As the central government has initiated the development of smart cities in some select cities, Neemrana is one among the cities that are going to get an extensive development across the sectors. If you have a plan to invest in such places, then Neemrana would actually be the best option that you can select for. With an extensive development and industrial growth, the location can serve you the best possible environment and backdrop. 

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