Moviescouch 2020: Ultimate Website For Movies!

Moviescouch 2020: The majority of people prefer sitting at home with refreshments to watch their favourite movies or TV series. Over the course of years, the craze has increased. People now enjoy relaxing at home and watching something rather than going out and doing the same.

However, most websites require you to go through a lot of procedures to watch the movie. By the time it is over, you may lose the mood to watch it.

Moviescouch is different. Not only does it offer people media content for downloading, but it also has more significant things that you’d like. So, to get more information on that, read below!

MoviecCouch: What is it?

Like any other website, Moviescouch is a website that allows you to access many movies and TV shows without having you to go through any kind of hassle. You can download your favourite movies from Moviescouch cost-free. Additionally, you can also choose the resolution of the movies or TV shows based on your preferences. It offers resolution from 240 pixels to 1080 pixels.

However, Moviescouch offers media content that is pirated. Many regions do not fancy the idea hence it is banned. But, Moviescouch seems to be running fine with its different domain names. The website is run by a system that is based in North America.

However, you should keep in mind that since the website is banned due to its availability of pirated content, you need to be careful accessing it. But regardless, you can get used to Moviescouch in no time but before that, there’s more to find out!

MovieCouch: It’s Exclusive Features!

Moviescouch is such a well-organized platform. Any user can visit it for the first time and glide through the features easily. To make content distinctive from each other, the website has filters. Using them, you can search for movies based on the type of content and its genre.

Some movies are suitable for children and on the other hand, there are movies suitable for adults. Similarly, there are other categories by which you can filter movies and TV series. The list includes the release date, its genre and others. Once you’ve filtered out the maximum number of preferences, you’ll get your result and then you can download the movie or TV show.

Moviescouch offers a lot of genres, such as Action, Animation, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Horror and much more. That being said, the website is always up-to-date almost all the time. Any time new movies release, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, Moviescouch makes sure most of them have been uploaded to the website.

MovieCouch: How Does it Work?

Moviescouch works like another website do. The webpage of Moviescouch connects to its server for connection when you visit it. Once the connection has been identified, the download of the Movie or TV show will begin immediately. You’ll get information about the download during the process.

Here’s an interesting fact about downloading. When a user attempts to download a movie, the current web page, upon the user prompt, tries to receive data from the central server. Now, this central server is more like a central hub. As a result, the traffic generated will always be effective.

That being said, the developers of Moviescouch make sure that they’ve uploaded the contents using a whole different set of IP Addresses as well as servers. Once that is down, users can continue to download it from the website.

As mentioned previously, the website has a very simple interface that most people find useful while accessing. So, even if you’re new to the site, you can navigate through categories and tabs easily.

But, there’s one thing to keep in mind and that is Ads. The website is full of ads and popups that can be annoying. Avoiding clicking on them.

How to Download Movies and TV Shows from Moviescouch Websites?

Downloading movies from MovieCrouch is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is make some selections. Here’s how to download your favourite movie or TV show in the right way!

The first thing you need to do is enter the Website URL “” and hit the Enter button. Hopefully, if the website is not restricted in your region, then you’ll get through.

However, if it is, then you’d have to apply some other means to access it. For that, there is a section below.

If you get through, you’ll be landed on MovieCouch’s homepage. Navigate to the “Search” section and enter the movie title of the show title that you’d like to watch. Then, click on the “Search” button. Once you get the result, click on it and then scroll down to click on the “Download” button. Bolly4u is the same as moviescouch in the field of movie downloading.

1. Download Bollywood Movies on MovieCouch

If you’re a Bollywood fan, then you’d be glad to find that there are many Bollywood or rather Hindi language movies available. The movies and series are categorized into its respected tab right beside “Hollywood”.

Click on it and you’ll find a wide range of lists consisting of all kinds of Bollywood movies having different languages. Choose whichever you prefer to watch and in the same way, download it.

2. Download Hollywood Movies on MovieCouch

Similarly, the website has a wide range of Hollywood movies. Be it a newly released, to an old-time classic, there’s always something new that’s added in the category every day. That being said some Hollywood movies have been dubbed in the Hindi language to make it easier for people.

Go through the list of movies and TV shows and select the one that you like. Once you’ve selected, scroll down and hit the “Download” button. When you do that, you will be redirected to a link to a web page. And, then the download will begin. Additionally, the download should not take much of your time because the speed is relatively good.

3. Downloading Categories

To make searching more easy and precise, the developers of Moviescouch decide to sectionalize the movies and show them in the form of categories. This way, you can filter out and get the result faster than normal searching. Here are the categories of the website:

1. Movies
2. Hollywood
3. Bollywood
4. South Punjabi
5. Bhojpuri
6. Animated
7. English TV Shows

4. Dual Audio Movies

Dual audio movies are those movies that have two separate audio channels for two different languages. So, if you find understanding in English audio a bit difficult, then you can switch to the Hindi audio language.

To make things clear, Hindi and English are the only two languages that are used in dual audio movies and TV shows. Over 50 movies have been added to the website that consists of dual audio languages. However, words are that soon, the website will bring in more content that will have more languages.

Best Movies to Download from MoviesCouch!

Moviescouch has a great collection of movies that became popular over time. These movies have been downloaded by many people by now. Let’s take a look at it!

Moviecouch: 2019 Movies

Bhairava Geetha, a South Indian film, has been a popular movie for 2019. The movie has been dubbed in the Kannada language. Its genre is romantic action drama and thriller. You can see why it became so popular. Not only that, but the movie consists of some great actors.

And, the list includes Dhananjay, Raja Balwadi and Irra Mora. However, as soon as the movie was released, it got leaked to Couc Movies. As a result, the movie received bad credits from Box Office. Nonetheless, it remains popular.

Another such popular movie of 2019 would be Total Dhamaal. Total Dhammal became very popular because the movie had many actors starring, Ajay Devgan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey and Johnny Lever.

The film also received bad credits as it was leaked online, but even today, the movie is viewed by many people.

Moviecouch: 2020 Movies

Misbehaviour, a British film with a comedy-drama genre, is the most trending movie in 2020. The reason why it became so popular is because of its comedy content and its celebrities. Actors like Kiera Knightley, Jessie Buckley, Phyllis Logan, Rhys Ifans, Greg Kinnear’s, Lesly Manville and Gugu Mbatha-Raw starred in it.

The Film received an overall good credit on the box office but much of it was held back because it was leaked online.

Another popular movie of 2020 would be a Punjabi one, named Sufna. Sufna is a romantic movie directed by Jagdeep Sidhu that has many popular actors playing roles. For instance, Jasmin Bajwa, Ammy Virk, Jagjeet Sandhu and Tania.

Is it Safe to Browse the Moviescouch Website?

As mentioned previously, the website is banned in many regions among which, India is one. This is because the website consists of pirated movies and TV shows that are illegal to use.

As per the notice by the Government, the website is banned. This implies that accessing it would be termed as Crime and Violation of the laws. Users can face imprisonment if these rules are not obeyed.

Another reason why it is not safe to browse Moviescouch is lots of malware and viruses. The website platform is a vulnerable platform that can be used by hackers or intruders against you. As said previously, the website consists of many pop-ups and advertisements.

Using these, hackers and third-party users can intrude into the system or infect the system with potential threats like viruses and malware. You’d be putting the system and your data at risk if you access the website without proper protection. But, that does not mean that you cannot use the website at all. Sure, you can but using some other ways.

Alternative Ways to Access Moviescouch Website

Since the website is banned, you cannot access it, as your Internet Service Provider will get to know. But, you can try accessing the website in the following ways:

1.Proxy Servers

Here is a list of alternate links that have different domain names but they work the way same way in redirecting you to the website:

9. Moviescouch.reddit
11. Moviescouch.old

2. Virtual Private Network

Try using a VPN as it can generate a web session in isolation. This implies, that when you try connecting to a website, your IP address will not be revealed to the ISP. Or to simply put, the web session will continue from an isolated tunnel using different regional servers.

Simply install a VPN from a trusted source and then connect to a different region to get their servers. Then, try accessing the Moviescouch website.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Here’s what people have been asking:

Do Songs Get Uploaded to Moviescouch?

The website streams media contents like Movies and TV series only. Music tracks are not uploaded to the website.

When do New Movies Get Added to the Website?

New movies get added within two months. Some movies air in the timespan of 6 months.

Is it Legitimate to Use?

No, it is not. The website is illegal due to its availability of pirated content. These content directly violate the law made by the Government of Copyright Act. It is not a recommendation to visit the pirated website as the concern is uploaded without the owner’s notice or permission.

Why Do People Download Movies Even When it is Prohibited?

Even though the purpose of movies in movie halls is to help the economy, many people find it a difficult thing to do. Hence, under certain circumstances, many people choose to download movies for free and watch at home.

Similar Platforms Like MovieCouch!

Many websites have pirated content to offer. But among those, Moviescouch stands out as it offers a wide range of good quality movies. However, there are other websites that are great too. Here’s’ a few listed below!

1. Tamilrockers
2. LosMovies
3. Popcornflix
4. Tamilgun
5. Movie4me
6. 123movies
7. Katmoviehd
8. Fmovies
9. Putlockers
10. Gogoanime
11. 123mkv
12. Worldfree4u
13. Uwatchfree
14. Hindilinks4u

Now, that you know about Moviecouch, get started!

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