Movierulz: A Great Platform To Download Latest Hollywood And Indian Movies

How To Download Hollywood And Bollywood Movie From Movierulz?

Movierulz: With the advancement in media technology, much has changed regarding how we enjoy our movies and favourite TV shows. Several online streaming services have come up in recent times, allowing us to enjoy the latest movies and shows right after they are launched. However, these streaming platforms require a certain subscription fee.

Many viewers have, however, found another easier way to access and watch films without paying anything. Thanks to the public torrent sites, pirated versions of many shows and movies are now just a few clicks away. These sites are not only illegal and banned in several nations but also quite unsafe.

In spite of being banned, such websites have become extremely popular in the last few years. Movierulz is one of the most sought-after websites today for downloading free movies and TV shows in HD quality. If you have been wondering about how reliable Movierulz is as a platform for free movie download, then you are in the right place.

Brief Insight About Movierulz:

Movierulz is a popular public torrent site where you can download and watch fresh Indian and Hollywood movies. The movies available on this site are of HD quality. Initially, Movierulz provided only Tamil movies on its platform. That means you could only download and watch Tamil movies from Movierulz. However, in the past few years, the website has undertaken the task of developing itself.

Now, you can find both Bollywood and Hollywood movies on 3movierulz. On top of that, you will also get hit Malayalam films to watch. Apart from recent films, Movierulz is also a great source of recent TV shows, music videos, and serials.

On this platform, every video content is available in different formats. The available video formats on 3Movierulz are as follows:


One thing that makes this website a special one is its fast downloading servers. In other words, you can smoothly download videos without much interruption. Also, depending on the space available on your device, you can download the videos in different sizes. The available file sizes include 150 MB, 250 MB, 700 MB, 1.2GB and more.

About Movierulz Smartphone App

To make things simpler for you, Movierulz also comes with a dedicated mobile app. You can download this app on your Android device and enjoy online movies for free anywhere. This mobile application is a faster alternative to the Movierulz website.

Movierulz mobile app gives you unlimited access to various documentaries, web series, drama and music videos. However, since 3Movierulz is an illegal site and is banned everywhere, you won’t be able to find this app on Google Playstore or Apple Store. To download this app, you have to take help from third-party hosting sites.

The Movierulz application is of 1.4 MB size. This particular application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and others above it. However, if you want to download this app, then you must get the latest version which has been released on 26th January 2020. The current version of the Movierulz app is version 7.0.

Features of Movierulz App:

If you use the Movierulz website, you will notice that it comes with certain features that are otherwise unavailable on other public torrent sites. The presence of these features has made Movierulz one of the most popular sites for online movie downloads.

Here are some of the important features that set this website apart from others:

Flexible User Interface

Operating a new app on your smartphone immediately after you download it can be a bit confusing. This is because you need some time to get used to the user interface of the application. However, you won’t face any difficulty with this movie downloading app. Movierulz app comes with a simple and flexible user interface that allows you to manage and operate it smoothly.

Fast Streaming and Downloading

Compared to the Movierulz website, the app provides faster download and streaming speed. This is due to the fact that the Movierulz app servers have extremely fast servers. These servers allow online streaming and download at an incredibly fast speed.

Small Size

If you have limited storage space on your mobile device, then no need not worry. The Movierulz app is quite tiny in size. The application is only 1.4 MB in size. Thus, it won’t cause any interruption to your device or affect its overall performance.

How to Download Movies From Movierulz?

Downloading a movie or a show from any pirated website is quite a simple task. However, before you proceed with the downloading process, you must connect to a Virtual Private Network. Movierulz is not a legal website and hence it is banned in different countries including India. So, to connect to this website, you need the help of a VPN.

On top of that, you must make sure to find the right proxy site of Movierulz that is functioning at the moment. Since it is an illegal site, it requires many proxy/mirror sites to stay afloat. To download the latest movies and shows on Movierulz, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1
At first, find out which of the proxy domain of Movierulz is active and its working properly. Once you find out, visit the site. When you land on the homepage of the website, you’ll be able to view the posters of various latest movies and shows.

Step 2
Look for the search bar on the homepage and then click on it. Thereafter, type the name of the movie or the TV show that you wish to enjoy. When the search result comes up, look for your desired movie within the list.

Step 3
Since these illegal websites run on sponsor money, you will face various pop-up ads while you use these websites. Make sure to cut through these ads. You may face as many as five pop-ups. Once you go through the pop-ups, you will find the thumbnail of the movie along with the Download option right beneath it.

Step 4
Thereafter, choose the video format in which you want to download the movie. The video format will depend on the availability of storage space on your system or device.

Once the download is complete, now you can enjoy the movie seamlessly.

Proxy Domains for Movierulz:

Being an illegal website, Movierulz has been banned and deleted by Google and many other governments of the world. However, that hasn’t stopped these sites from functioning. Movierulz has come back with different domains to bypass the ban. has been the earliest and the oldest site for Movierulz. It has been a great source of Hollywood, Bollywood and regional South Indian movies. However, it was banned due to piracy concerns. 3Movierulz is quite a popular website and it operates with some of the following proxy domains like 3movierulz plz, 3movierulz, 3movierulz+plz. is one of the most popular and widely used domains of the official Movierulz website. This domain site is also known as Movierulz torrent magnet. You can download all recent Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil movies from this site for free. At the same time, you can also watch movies and shows through online streaming.


This is another proxy domain for Movierulz. It was first established in the year 2018. However, it began to gain popularity in 2020. You can get all the latest TV shows, movies, serials, documentaries from this site for free.

Similar to the website, is another major proxy site or domain for Movierulz. You can access and download high-quality video content for free. As this domain is quite popular in India, it attracts more than a million active users and viewers from the country. This makes the website a bit slow.

This particular domain site of Movierulz is basically a combination of two great websites that are used for downloading pirated contents. These two websites are 123movies and Moviesrulz. Interestingly, the was actually converted from Movierulz.vpn. Movierulz.vpn has been quite a popular and active domain site for the last few years. However, this site does not exist now.


If you are a great fan of Telugu language films, then this could be your favourite Movierulz domain. Movierulz.telugu is a great source not only for the latest Telugu films but also for Telugu shows and serials. On top of that, you can also access hit Telugu blockbuster movies here.

Unfortunately, you cannot find any Bollywood, Hollywood or Tamil movies on this platform. This site is exclusively for Telugu films.


Movierulz.plz is one of the most recent proxy domains of Movierulz. There are not more than 500 pirated content on this website. You can get only the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies. So, for the latest releases, you can rely on Movierulz.plz.

However, this particular domain comes with certain drawbacks. You may not find HD quality videos for all the movies or shows. At the same time, the site is frequently troubled with irritating pop-up ads. is now the official site for Movierulz. On facing bans from various countries due to piracy issues, Movierulz had to change their name and address. As of now, Movierulz exists in the name of It is one of the most famous websites used internationally for downloading pirated videos worldwide.

It has managed to secure a rank among the top 5000 public torrent sites in the world.
Apart from the proxy domains mentioned above, there are also some other options that you can consider Movierulz.ol,, Movierulz.cov, Movierulz.nh,, etc.

List of Leaked Movies on Movierulz:

Movierulz is not simply a platform for free download of movies and shows. It is also a platform that is famous for leaking new movies online even before they are released in the theatres. These leaked movies include both Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian films. Such leaks have caused much loss to the film industries.

Here are some of the recent movies that Movierulz has leaked much ahead of their release:

Laal Kaptaan
Ujda Chaman
The Sky is Pink
Romeo Akbar Walter
Dream Girl
PM Narendra Modi
Section 375
Housefull 4

Featured Movies on Movierulz:

When you visit the website of Movierulz, you can find some featured movies displayed on the Homepage. These featured movies are mostly the latest movies. Movierulz is basically a site for Telugu movies. So, you would find a lot of latest Telugu movies in the list of the featured films.

Here are some of the featured films that you can notice on the website of Movierulz:

Dream Girl
Housefull 4
Angry Birds 4
Zoya Factor

Top Alternatives for Movierulz:

Movierulz runs with various proxy and mirror domains in order to successfully bypass government bans. However, it might happen that you may not get to access any site of Movierulz at some point of time due to a total ban or technical failure. In such a situation, you must know about other alternative sites where you can download movies for free.

Here are some of the best alternative sites that you can use in place of Movierulz:


RARBG can be one of the best alternative sites for movie downloading, in case you fail to access Movierulz. This website was initially founded in 2008. However, it gained much popularity by 2014. RARBG developed itself slowly to attract more and more viewers from all over the world. You can get the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows for free.


Another highly popular website that allows you to download pirated video content for free is DownloadHub. Many movie lovers all around the world rely on this website for the latest movies and shows. Users often prefer DownloadHub over any other website as it is fast, convenient, smooth and frequently updated.


If you are a great fan of Tamil movies, then TamilYogi is the right destination for you. TamilYogi is one of the foremost websites for downloading top-rated Tamil movies. In addition to the latest releases, you can also find some of the classic Tamil blockbuster movies for free.

Here, you’ll be able to download the latest Tamil movies in both Cam and HD prints through just a few snaps. In case you are not in the mood to download a movie, you can also watch the movie through online streaming.
There are very few websites that you can access without a VPN or proxy services. 123Movies is one such website. You can download your favourite movies or shows through 123Movies without the help of VPN or proxy services.

Moreover, this website comes with very fast servers that allow you to download movies at a very fast rate. At the same time, this website is also entirely free from irritating pop-up ads.


TamilGun is a popular alternative site for downloading the latest Tamil and Telugu movies. However, you can also download Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional Indian movies through this site.

In addition to the above-mentioned websites, there are also quite a few other sites that you can download movies from. These include Putlocker, KatmovieHD, Khatrimaza, Filmywap, Go Movies and many more.

Legal Alternative Platforms for Movierulz:

Websites such as Movierulz can be a great source for free download of the latest movies. But, in the end, these are not legal platforms. Downloading or viewing pirated content from such sites is a criminal activity in many countries. So, instead of using these illegal platforms, you can use many legal alternatives. Currently, there are several OTT streaming and media services that provide the latest movies and TV shows right after they are released. Here are some of the popular legal options that you can explore for video streaming:


Ever since Netflix came into existence, the entire scene of entertainment changed drastically. Netflix is a highly reliable platform to enjoy Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian regional movies in HD quality. On top of that, you can also get access to various foreign-language movies.

Netflix also offers thousands of Indian and international TV shows, music videos, web series, documentaries and much more. Moreover, Netflix produces certain exclusive web series that are not available on other OTT streaming platforms.

This platform is known for its superb video quality, performance and amazing content. However, to enjoy the services, you need to pay for an annual subscription fee.

Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos is another popular platform for movies and TV shows. However, it is no match for Netflix. Amazon Prime Videos provides various originally produced web series along with movies and TV shows. It does have a few stock movies which are very rarely updated. But, it does offer some great children shows and comedy films and TV series.

Amazon Prime Videos is essentially a paid service which you can enjoy only if you pay for the Amazon Prime services. This platform is free from all sorts of annoying pop-up ads and provides high-quality videos.
Sony Liv
Sony Liv is a popular OTT based streaming service available in India. However, viewers based abroad can also access the services of Sony Liv. Sony Liv provides all the TV shows, serials, live news, live shows that are aired on Sony channels.

In addition to this, you can also watch Live Sports including cricket, football, tennis and much more. However, be prepared to face some bugs while using this service. You have to pay a certain amount of charge for enjoying all the services of Sony Liv. This charge is usually quite minimal.


Hotstar is probably the most popular online streaming OTT service provider in India today. It is known to provide video content in more than 17 Indian languages. You watch TV shows, serials, live news and even movies in any of the regional languages of India.

Also, Hotstar provides live sporting events that are held across the world. You have to pay in order to avail of the media services from Hotstar. In spite of being a paid platform, Hotstar is not free from online pop-up ads.

On top of this, you can also consider using platforms like MX Player, PopCornFlix, GoMovies and many more.
Language Availability on Movierulz:

To reach out to more viewers from all across the country, Movierulz is available in more than one language. This variety in language has helped Movierulz to attract more regional viewers. You can use Movierulz in the following languages:


Why isn’t it Safe to Download Movies from Movierulz?

Movierulz is a website that uploads pirated video content. As per laws, it is illegal to upload copyrighted content without prior consent or approval. So, websites like Movierulz are illegal and they are banned in different parts of the world.

Moreover, these sites are also quite unsafe. Since these are third-party sites they are often a good source of malicious software and applications. When you download a file from these websites, you end up having these harmful applications in your system. This might lead to unwanted damages to your system.

Therefore, you must always try to avoid using these sites for movie download. Instead, use such platforms that are legal and also secure. You might have to spend money, but in the long run, it would be beneficial for you and your system.


To sum up, we do not support illegal downloading of pirated content from the Internet. Also, we are not trying to promote such activities at all. At the same time, our motive is not to endorse any of the banned sites that provide pirated movies. We just want to provide information about the websites that illegally supply copyrighted material.

Uploading, downloading or viewing pirated content from the web is strictly prohibited and comes with punishment like a heavy fine or imprisonment. Therefore, you must always encourage others to avoid these websites. Instead, you may use legal OTT streaming platforms that are both legal and secure.

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