Bangalore Master Plan: Bangalore Gets Ready to Embrace a Complete Makeover 

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has come with a revised master plan for the city so as to give a makeover to some of its key areas. As per the drafted guidelines, the plan is all set to enhance the status of Bangalore as it will rectify all the essential things by replacing the existing facilities with sustainable and environment-friendly ones. 

The proposal was once rejected by the people as they had some concerns over the way how the project was to be initiated. And consequently, it was put on hold and the authority started a slew of the consultation process over the proposed Bangalore Master Plan.

As per the experts, the proposed master plan is going to be a visionary plan for the city as it is going to enhance the deficient infrastructure and poor connectivity in the city. In the revised master plan, the infrastructure and mobility projects have specifically been added to the proposed master plan.  

Solid waste management in the new master plan:

One of the key reasons why the people rejected the master plan was the absence of waste management mechanism. The authority had not ensured any solid solution to the increasing concern over the solid waste. But after a broad consultation, it is now the key attraction of Bangalore Master plan 2031. And it is going to bring in a solid solution to the problem. 

And for a better and more effective implementation, the authority has decided to take on the following elements:

  • Setting up a network of drainage system
  • Catchment of the flood-prone areas 
  • Catchment of the lake

In the revised document, the authority aims at devising a strategy to control the urban flood. In a nutshell, the master plan for Bangalore has everything that ensures a complete makeover in a city. 

How it can benefit the real estate sector in Bangalore:

Considering the facts and key benefits of Bangalore master plan, it is quite evident that the proposed plan is going to influence the real estate sector. Since the basic amenity, connectivity, and infrastructure are the key areas that have been identified for the development, the status of this city is going to get enhanced and the people will naturally want to move to the city. 

Though a major part of the outskirt areas in Bangalore has been identified for the infrastructural development, the population density is ascertained to get scattered. 

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