Jaipur Master Plan to Promote Housing Projects in Jaipur

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is one of the few cities that remain in the limelight due to the alluring tourist destinations and ideal urban setup. But for the last few years, Jaipur has been popular with the people for the ongoing real estate projects and infrastructural development. Recently, the state government has approved the Jaipur Master Plan with some necessary amendments and it is being termed to be an important driver to push the housing project in Jaipur. 

Riding on the back of Jaipur Master Plan 2025, real estate developers are quite optimistic about the bright prospect of Jaipur city as the master plan outlines a comprehensive change in the city in terms of infrastructural growth and basic amenities. 

A new amendment to expand the green area in Jaipur:

The Jaipur Development Authority has revised the proposed master plan by expanding the green area, which was lowered in the first master plan. The decision was taken to make sure that the Jaipur Master Plan meets all the guidelines. It outlines the inevitability of expanding eco-sensitive zone/ecological zone or green area in the proposed Jaipur master plan.    

Good things for realtors:

As the market experts believe, the newly-amended Jaipur master plan 2025 has tweaked the prevalent regulations to ensure relaxations to the real estate developers by allowing them to initiate their housing projects in the U2 areas. 

Now they are allowed to come up with their projects in less than 10 hectares of land—that was not allowed in the previous master plan. On the other hand, the U1 areas don’t have any vacant areas to have housing projects. And this is the reason why the government wants to divert the real estate development to the U2 area. 

Impact on the housing and real estate projects in Jaipur:

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, the impact of Jaipur Master Plan is going to change the current setup of real estate industry in the Jaipur city. With new amendments regarding the U2 areas, including some other infrastructural development plan, the city is all set to witness a comprehensive changeover in the city. 

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On the other hand, the proposed master plan is set to give a new status to the city, which will ultimately attract more and more people to the place. With a good connectivity through highways, it will also be able to attract the people. Another objective of the proposed Jaipur master plan is to reduce the migration to the main city from the nearby place. It will ensure a comprehensive and extensive growth to each and every corner in Jaipur.

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