How to download covid-19 vaccine certificate to cowin gov in?

cowin gov in: If you have got the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent corona, then it is a very good thing. But you also need to have its certificate. Otherwise you may have to face many problems. Now you must be wondering from where and how to download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate? So you will get the answer in this post, you just have to read it completely.

What will happen if there is no COVID-19 vaccine certificate?

As you know, omnicron has knocked a new form of corona in many countries of the world. New cases are also being found in India. In view of this, many states have tightened the corona rules.

In such a situation, if you travel to any other state, then you must have a COVID-19 vaccine certificate. Along with this, those traveling abroad should also have this certificate. If you do not have this, then your journey may be affected.

How to Download COVID-19 Vaccine from Cowin?

You need to follow the following steps to download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate through the official website of Government of India, cowin gov in.

• First open

• An option of Sign In will appear, click on it.

• Enter the mobile number that you have given for getting vaccinated.

• After this you will get OTP, fill it in the box.

• Now you will see the option of Download Certificate.

• Click on COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

After doing this, your COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate will be downloaded. If you want, you can print it or you can save it in mobile-laptop. Along with this, you can also share this certificate.

If you have not got the corona vaccine yet and want to get it but you do not know how to register online to get the vaccine? So you can read by clicking here.

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