How Indian bloggers making real money online while blogging from home

What do bloggers do? How they have become an integral part of the digital world in India within just a few years?  And how are they making money online while blogging from home? The answer to the above-asked questions has come by utilizing one of the most popular blogging platforms WordPress, that helps them to make their websites and to earn money online.

Top Indian Bloggers make money by utilizing their blogs in multiple ways. Some of them are as following:

Utilize Affiliate marketing in your blog

Here you can make money by utilizing affiliate marketing without having any investment. As most of the online e-commerce websites have an affiliate program, like Amazon, Topshop, Flipkart, etc.

You have to promote the product, if brought by someone through your link, company gives you commission.

You can also sign up to Affiliate Window, where you can promote thousands of brands and services.

Make money by sponsored social media posts

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Having a good presence on social media, you can come closer to brands. You can earn through sponsored posts on social media by charging per post with attractive fees. This can be done by having a good number of followers on social media. 

By selling your own eBooks 

You can also make money by taking a topic, compiling an e-book on it, and sell it on your blog. On initiating this you can continuously sell the e-book online. Also, you can compile your articles forming a book and can sell it on your blog or some other platforms.

Native Advertising 

Blogging has got one of the best ways to make money, which is native advertising. By using native advertising news blogs can earn high incomes. Some of the native advertising solutions are Outbrain, Mgid, AdSense, etc.

Selling Online Courses

It is one of the convenient ways to make money online. You can create and sell online courses by utilizing many platforms like Learn Dash, Teachable, Udemy, and so on. Through this, you can make interaction with many students also. You can also check out SeekaHost University. 

For Stock Market Trading

Bloggers can utilize their blogs for stock market trading also. For this, some investment has to be done by you with knowledge and experience. For investing in stocks you should be aware of the concepts of the stock market.

Moreover, you can learn about the types of investments you want to make. And the duration for which you want to invest. This finally makes a good earning for you.

Offering various Services

Depending on your skills, you can offer various services like content writing, logo creation, SEO Services, and others. This not only helps you in making money but also helps to utilize your skills. By creating a page on the blog you can launch service by making a list of services offered by you.

Also, make a link to that page in your blog by having significant space for visibility. Finally, you make good contact with your audience.

Final words

As you utilize the above ways for making money, their better implementation gives fine results. Dinesh Kumar VM, SEO Consultant at ClickDo have started his career with blogging. Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, Founder & CEO of ClickDo and SeekaHost have started his career with blogging. So its not too late for you start a blog today and make money online. 

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