How To Guard Yourself Against Air Pollution While Traveling

After facing such a dangerous and deadly wave of Covid-19 people have become more aware of Masks and their varieties. There are different kinds of masks available in the market also nasal air filters are one of them. Now people are extra careful while they are traveling to other cities, countries, or even going out of their home. Also well-known with these masks serves different uses and benefits. It is not only about Covid-19, it includes respiratory disease that encompasses bigger concerns. It is very necessary for us to know that our air contains various deadly viruses and bacteria in the air. 

India is one of the most polluted countries and takes the bulk of votes when it comes to unhealthy levels of air quality, air pollution is a major concern throughout Asia. People from various Asia countries are taking more precautions; we are going to share some ideas that you can use to guard yourself against air pollution.

Check the air quality before you step out for a longer period

Air Quality Index or AQI is available on various city’s respective websites like If you find the air quality harmful then use invisible nasal filters to breathe easily. AQI level also tracks allergic components, toxins, dust storms, or wildfires present in the air. 

When it is particularly about traveling, researching air-quality websites is recommended and very useful to suggest the area’s pollution level where you want to travel.

Learn about Face Masks

If you are asthmatic or suffering from any other respiratory disease. You are advised to visit your medical professional also get your most suited face mask from them. Although you can easily get disposable face masks at any near medical store. If still conscious about your health a proper fitted nasal air filters mask can be your best friend when air quality is low where you are visiting. You better order for quality one in advance of your trip. There are various factors that depend before using face masks like disease one is suffering from, age, and health.

That is why reading the label given on the masks also asks the doctor to recommend the best kind of mask to you. While trying low-quality masks people with asthma, respiratory issues and allergies should be especially careful. 

Love home remedies

After a long day of contacting air pollutants, you need to detox your body, lungs, and also skin. You also require to be extra careful about particulates and air pollution viruses that may have settled in your outfits, hair, and even your skin. In such cases home remedies like steam, consuming jaggery, citrus foods, Tulsi, and turmeric can be very useful to flush the bad elements from your throat. Taking shower, steam, and applying moisturizers, sunscreen daily will detox your body and skin.

Better to stay inside Restrain outdoor worthless activities also avoid yourself from contact directly to bad air. If going out to enjoy the day plan activities like souvenir shopping trips, museum visits, and other mostly-indoor activities especially use invisible nasal filters to ensure safe health.


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