Want to Save Your Laptop From Threats? Follow Expert Strategies

Nowadays, online credit card fraud, email hacks, theft, can be devastating. In case, you have never been the victim of these frauds, then consider yourself a lucky person. However, this doesn’t mean, you can be casual about the security of your laptop or computer.

So, no matter whether you use your laptop for personal use or business purpose, it’s highly recommended that you must keep your laptop secured. Apart from this, there are lots of tactics that you can apply to mitigate the risk. These top-notch techniques, also extra expenses and valuable time. 

Let’s take an example, you believe that hackers can steal data from your device, then you can save your important documents on another device. But, if you try the following tips, then there’s no need for any external device. Read to know more:

Common Security Threats

Recently, a survey has been conducted, where the professionals clearly mentioned what can be possible laptop security threats. And, this is when you need to join with Laptop Repair Dubai. Let’s take a look at the threats:

While Installing Sketchy Freeware

It’s quite possible that sometimes, unknowingly you install an unverified freeware. Let’s take an example, by mistake, you might install an unknown browser toolbar or spyware. Most of the time, with these applications some malware software will automatically get installed on your laptop. These malware programs are dangerous and can track your activities on the internet.  Moreover, when you have installed an unknown program, you might invite Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses as well.

Hacker’s Attack

This is the most important aspect because of which you must secure your laptop. Often, scammers can steal your valuable information. They might send you a fake email along with a link. And, if you click on the link, then hackers will get access to your database. Apart from this, sometimes hackers can send you a message with a fake attachment. If the receiver opens the attachment, there’s a huge chance that your private documents will be stolen.

Because of these threats, you must properly secure your laptop. This is when you need to join with iphone repair Dubai, to ensure overall security and increase your laptop’s performance.

4 Way to Provide Extra Security to your Laptop

You have already known how hackers can steal your valuable information. Let’s come to the point and focus on the strategies that you can apply to secure your laptop in the most effective way. 

Fortunately, with these top- notches techniques, you will be able to secure your device.

  1. Keep Update your Device

Many users believe that just updating software and security can protect the laptop from threats. However, as per the survey conducted by experts, updating your device is essential to stay on the top. Otherwise, you will give an opportunity to the scammers to hack your device. Basically, if an upgrade is available for your device, automatically, you will receive a notification. A pop-up message will appear on the display when you are trying to open a program. 

Apart from this, you can even manually update your OS. For that, simply type ‘update’ within the search field. Now, select Windows Update from the search result. Alternatively, you can hit the Check For Updates button. Now, keep patience, Windows will search for available updates and if it’s available, then Windows will automatically update the software or program to its best-recommended version. 

However, be-aware from the fake update. Sometimes, hackers send you a link where you have to sign-in with login credentials to update your device. Therefore, before updating your laptop, do a little bit of research and homework. 

  • Every login, use a Unique Password

Most of the time, hackers use a batch of username and password combination from one source and then try the login credentials to steal your information. And, the result can be dangerous. Suppose, by guessing username and password, scammers hacked Store A. Now, after hacking, with the same login combination, scammers might try to sign in to banking sites, as well as major email services. The simplest way to avoid the problem is to always use a unique password for every single online account that you have.

Now, only having a strong password is not the end, as scammers can also hack it. Hence, you are suggested to use a personal manager. As, within the password manager, you can lock the password that you have entered. Apart from this, after you unlock the password manager, then it will allow you to automatically sign in to your online account.

  • Activate Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is among these top-notch techniques, that you can try to secure your laptop. While activating the two-factor authentication, you might enter your mobile number or a valid email address. Let’s know the method in detail.  

First, open the online Microsoft Account. Then, with login credentials, sign in to your account. After that, you must tap on the Security tab. On the top of the page, hit the Update My Info button. Under it, choose the Add security link. Hit the Print code button. 

Choose the Alternative Email Address button. Else, you can even add your mobile number. Make sure you receive a code on your given phone number or email address. Now, from the next time, when you wish to sign in to your online account, at first, you have to enter the code that will be sent to your mobile or email address. Hence, there will be no chances for data stolen.

  • Enable the Windows Firewall

The inbuilt Windows Firewall acts as a block between the internet and your computer. Also, it automatically disables the tabs that restrict communication with the device. Apart from this, the firewall protects your device from unwanted threats, such as virus and malware attack. 

On Windows, at first, head to the Control Panel by using the Start menu. Under the Control Panel, move to the bottom and tap on the ‘System & Security’ button. Locate the Windows Firewall. If the firewall is already turned on, then turn it off, and then enable the Windows Firewall again. However, you can also install any third-party reliable security software.


Finally, no matter what you have stored on your laptop, these tactics will definitely protect your laptop from snoopers and hackers. However, if unfortunately, these strategies fail, then you can rely upon laptop repair Dubai.


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