Three Instructions about Custom Display Boxes before Buying

Custom display boxes can be used to showcase a wide variety of products. These can range from food items for bakeries to cosmetic items. Some companies use these packages to let their customers test out their products in advance before they decide to buy them. For the purpose of manufacturing these display packages, materials that are robust and economical are generally preferred. Kraft and cardboard are an ideal choice for them. Companies use these packages for more than just showcasing their products. These can also be used to effectively advertise a brand and get maximum brand awareness by printing a logo of the company on them. For this purpose, these are normally placed on the point of sales or point of purchase in a retail store. However, these are not confined to being used for just countertops only. They can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes that a product needs.

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Custom display boxes are an excellent solution for displaying your products efficiently in retail stores. These are being used by several brands to market their brand. They are fairly simple to understand, but there are some things that you need to know about these packages before you opt for buying them for your business. So to learn more, follow the article below.

Types of display boxes

When it comes to the types of cardboard display boxes, there are two main types of packages. These are as follows,

  • Stand-up boxes

These are significantly large in size and placed on the floor. These are mostly used when a company is targeting more than one product at a time. For instance, if a company is looking to introduce products for men, women, and children at the same time, then these stand-up packages are the best solution for such companies. They can divide the whole box into three different categories and display the products based on their respective heights. For men, the products will be displayed at the top as men are generally taller. For women, the products will be in the middle of the Display Packaging, and the children’s toys and products will be displayed at a height where they can have a good look at it. This strategy works best for the majority of companies.

  • Counter-top boxes

These are meant to display the products as well, but these are not in a large size. Generally, they are used to display a product of one particular type at a time. These are placed at the point of sales and point of purchase on the countertops. Most cosmetic companies use these display boxes for products to provide the customers with a way to test their products in advance. This mostly ends up in them getting impressed by the product, and they end up purchasing them. Apart from cosmetics, bakeries use these countertop packages to display their bestselling cupcakes on the shelves so that the customer is tempted to try them out as soon as they lay their eyes on them.

  • Manufacturing

The next thing you need to consider after selecting the type of display package is to know what your options for manufacturing them are and what do you need to consider while doing so.

  • Size of products and box

The first thing you need to know is the size of your product and how heavy it is. Then based on that data, you can order the manufacturers for the display boxes for sale. If your products are large in size, then you need large boxes for them, and a stand-up box will be the best fit for them. However, if your products are small, like cupcakes, then small countertop display packages will be a good idea for them

  • Design

After the size comes the most important part, which is the design phase, the layout of the display package is what decides if your display strategy is successful or not. You have to design your packaging in a way that tempts the customers. IF we look at display boxes for jewelry, then we can see that these are designed with shiny surfaces and attractive illustrations that surely grab the attention of the customers. Therefore, the colors and graphics matter a lot to the visual representation of the products. 

One other key point that many companies miss while designing their perfect-looking display packages is that they ignore the importance of attractive but simple typography. The text printed on your Display Packaging should be bold and readable. The font style should be simple so that it is easier for the customers to read what is written. Do not go for complex designs as this might turn off the customers.

  • Finishing options

The last thing to consider in the design is to choose the right finishing options for your packaging. It should act as the perfect icing on the cake for the display boxes for food. There are a lot of options for the finishes, Spot UV, Glossy or Matte, Lamination, Embossing and debossing, etc. Get more knowledge about these finishes and then choose what the best for your business is.

  • Cost and Eco-friendliness 

Last but not least, the cost and sustainability of these packages are one of the main reasons for their success. As these are made with materials like Kraft and Cardboard, so these are readily available in the market. This result is cheaper raw materials, and it eventually reduces the cost of manufacturing of these boxes. These are some of the most economical packaging solutions for a business. Moreover, you can always reduce the cost by making the design simpler and by other printing options.

As the local population is getting more knowledge about the horrors plastic has been causing to our world, people are now more committed to using eco-friendly materials. Luckily, the materials used for making these boxes are eco-friendly. So it will help in this cause too. Also, people now prefer buying from such companies that are participating in this cause. All you have to do is to put a logo on your display box, which mentions that you are using eco-friendly materials. 

Before starting any new thing, you need to gather as much knowledge you can about that as you can. The same is the case with Custom display boxes. If you had any questions in mind regarding how these packages can be designed and what you needed to know before buying them, then most of your queries will be cleared. So get in touch with the best local supplier and get started.


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