Dharuhera: A City Going to Be an Affordable Budget Alternative to Gurgaon

dharuhera City: As Gurgaon is growing at brisk and it doesn’t have enough to offer the people who are searching a better residential option, Dharuhera is getting prepared for a complete makeover in key areas like infrastructure, basic amenities, and others. 

Located about 40 km away from the city, Dharuhera appears out to be an affordable alternative to Gurgaon in days to come. So many infrastructural projects are underway as the government has approved Dharuhera Master Plan in line with the urbanization program.

NCR regions

With the proposed big developments of multi-storey buildings and smart city, Dharuhera seems to have a huge potential of becoming one of the key attractions in other developed NCR regions. 

As per the proposed master plan for Dharuhera 2021, about 38% of the proposed land area has been reserved for the residential development. On the other hand, the authority has also planned to push the industrial development in the region by allocating about 33% of the total land area in Dharuhera.

Here are some salient attractions of Dharuhera master plan:

  • National Highway 8 and the Palwal-Sohna-Rewari Road have been proposed for the future development
  • Smart traffic system and decongestion of public transportation
  • Industrial hub and trade centers are on the table for a complete makeover
  • A proper and ideal distribution of land area for a distributed development in Dharuhera

These are some salient features of the proposed master plan that is all set to uplift the image of this place. Since some real estate developers have already started their residential projects to tap on the future, some other big players are also making their way to Dharuhera. And it all appears to be a real in years to come because Gurgaon is now an unaffordable city for the common man. They are considering it as an affordable alternative. 

Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

In addition, some of the real estate players do also find it a worthwhile because of the ongoing industrial and residential development in the nearby places such as Bilaspur, Binola, Bhwandi, and others. And it is going to attract more and more people who want to find out an affordable location which has a better connectivity and public transportation. 

Amidst all the good things, there are some woes and local obstacles. With the influx of several residential projects in this region, the basic amenities, civic facilities are getting dented. But at the same time, Dharuhera has an edge over the ongoing real estate projects in the neighboring areas. It is guaranteed to become a key attraction in the NCR regions as the proposed Dharuhera Master Plan 2021 promises for more. 

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Gear up for your investment plan if you are looking for the best alternative to Gurgaon in terms of conveniences and better amenities. Download the master plan Dharuhera and understand the future development in the region.   

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