Convert Excel Files to PDF Without Downloading Any Software

Excel is a spreadsheet type of computer application mainly used when working with enormous data. Accounting and finance personnel comprise the major Excel users. It is composed of cells and tables. Using an Excel file, you can compute your data, and the Excel document is commonly known as a workbook.

In case you need to convert an Excel file to PDF, there are various ways with different tools you can choose from. You must use PDF in your final documents, especially if others will use it. It is easier to share a PDF file than an Excel Spreadsheet. A workbook with so many figures has a large size. Computers with lower RAM (Random Access Memory) will have a harder time retrieving the files as the device may have a slower response to the commands.

GogoPDF: Convert your Excel to PDF and Vice Versa

There are two common ways to convert your files. One way to convert your workbook to PDF is by saving it as a PDF. First, open your excel file and click on the “File Tab” in the Excel’s upper left corner. Below you will see a function that says Save As. You need to choose the location where you want to save your files. After choosing, a pop up will appear. Under the file name, there is an option Save as type, choose PDF. You can select to publish the file with the standard or minimum size. Other options include the page range and converting only the active spreadsheet or the whole file.

The question is, what if you don’t have office software installed on your computer? How to convert excel to pdf? This applies to those who use online spreadsheets to access their workbooks and have the files in online cloud storage. GogoPDF is available online to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF.

  • Access GogoPDF in your internet browser. It is compatible with most browsers available in the market.
  • On the topmost part of the page, look for the “Tool” tab and place your mouse pointer on it.
  • Click on the arrow next to the “Tool,” and you will see all the options.
  • Look for: Convert to PDF and under it “Excel to PDF” and choose it.
  • Once you are already on the page, select the files you want to convert (computer file, dropbox, or google drive)
  • GogoPDF will convert your files to PDF.
  • Click the download button. The downloaded file will automatically save to your device. You can also copy the link to share it through social media. Excel files have two formats, the XLS and the XLSX. GogoPDF can convert both formats.
  • Take note that it is required for you to log in to your account to access your workbook.

Major Differences Between PDF and Excel

In its visual aspects, PDF is viewed in pages while Excel is in a spreadsheet. In terms of functions, PDF is simplified and created to make data-driven jobs easier. Its users must understand the complicated functions and formulas. The main goal of the PDF format is to exchange electronic documents easily and with reliability. Excel spreadsheets are to deal with huge data easily like computations, graphing, and tracking. PDF is mainly for presenting data, while Excel is for managing those numbers and texts.

Converting PDF to Excel

In converting your PDF files to Excel, you will need a PDF reader installed on your device this time. Most installed software requires you to pay to use this feature. You can search for an online different available conversion tool that offers this feature. Most of them are free. The process is simple: Select the PDF document you want to convert to an Excel spreadsheet. You can choose from your device or your online drive. Wait while the online tool converts your files. Mainly, the process will take less than a minute. When done, you may download the file or share it through a link.

Some online PDF converters store your files in their cloud server so others can access it provided they have the link. It is easier to convert files online. Saving you from the hassle of installing new software, and some may potentially slow down your device if it is not compatible.

Final Thoughts

Excel was created to help us manage numerical data. It is designed to help bookkeepers and accountants. Hence, we live in a data-driven world, and mainly all information is analyzed through numbers. Sales, construction, and our finances work with numbers. When you extract the data needed in the spreadsheet, it is advisable to save the PDF format’s final report. It helps protect the document from alterations. It is easier for other people to read and interpret. With the use of online converters like GogoPDF, you can smoothly change your Excel document to PDF.


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