Coin Master Free Spins: Earn Credits : Tips and many more

Coin Master was developed by MoonActive and was released in 2016. This is a single-player game and is free to download on your mobile devices. Currently, it has over 100 million downloads. It mainly became popular among the users in 2019.  They offer coin master free spins and coin links through daily updates. It is primarily based on building a village and a spin slot. This is a strategic mobile game and is very interesting. It has other features like raid and attack.

The daily links free coins are very interesting, you have to spin the wheel and you can earn coins . These coins will help you to build a strong village. This will help you to protect your villages from attacks.

There are many users who search online for the link ofCoin Master Free Spins 2022. If you are also looking for these links, then you don’t have to search anymore. Here, we will tell you all about CoinMaster and the free spin links.

Coin Master – What is it?

Before we start with the spin links, you must first know about the game and how it is to be played. Understanding the game will help you to use your coins and rewards effectively.

The Basic

When you will start the game, you have to go through a short tutorial first. This will introduce you to all the basic mechanisms of the game. Coin Master is all about earning coins and spending them effectively. There are basically three reasons for you to earn coins; winning some coin from the slot machine, attacking the village of other players or your friends, and raiding the village of other players or your friends.

The Slot Machine

The main part of the game is the Slot Machine. This is where you will be spending most of your time when you are playing the game. You will be able to get to the Slot Machine screen by going to the in-game menu, or you can swipe down on the screen of your Village

After the page has appeared on the screen, you will see a number written under the Slot Machine. This is the number of spins that you are left with. As you will spin each time, this number will start decreasing. If you are out of spins, you have to wait for some time before it regenerates.

The Slot Machine consists of four reels. All of these reels have four different symbols in each of them. These symbols are a bag of coins, a hammer, a shield, and a pig bandit. If you get the same symbol in all the four slots, you will get the reward as follows:

  • Bag of Coins- More coins.
  • Hammer- Get coins for raiding any random village.
  • Shield- Loose fewer coins when your village is raided.
  • Pig Bandit- Raid current Coin Master.

Bag of Coin

This symbol will help you to get coins. However, to get the coins, you will not require a row of this symbol. The number of the “bag of coins” symbol will decide the number of coins you will receive. However, if you get a row of this symbol, you will receive a larger amount of coin than each individual symbol.

The Hammer

If you get an entire row of this symbol, then you will get to attack a village. You can choose a friend’s village to attack if you have connected your game to your Facebook account. Otherwise, the game will choose a random player for you. Then, you will be asked which of the buildings you want to attack. When you will start your attack, you will get coins as a reward and the attacked building’s start level will reduce.

The Pig Bandit

When you will get a row full of this symbol, you will get to perform a raid. However, unlike in the attack, you will not be able to choose your target. The game will select the target for you. You will be able to see the name of your assigned target at the top of the Slot Machine.

In a raid, you will not attack a single building of the village. Rather, you will be given 3 shovels and you have to use them to dig holes. There are various locations in the village where you can dig holes. However, you will be able to dig only three holes at the locations of your choosing. Some of these holes will contain a huge amount of coins. These coins will be taken directly from the stash of the player, whose village you are raiding.

The Shield

This symbol will help you to protect your village from the attacks by enemies. You can only get up to 3 shield symbols at a time. For each of the shield symbols, you will be able to save your village once. If you have a shield when an enemy is attacking your building, the star rating will not go down and you will also be protected.

The same rule will apply if you attack a player having a shield. From the attack, you will get 50,000 coins, which is way less than you would have normally got. However, a shield will not protect you from a raid. And, this is very important to keep in mind while playing.


You will be able to perform Bets if you have a huge number of Spins left in your stash. When you will boost your Bet, the Slot Machine will use up more spins than usual. However, you also get the chance of getting bigger rewards. By increasing the Bets, you will increase the amount of reward you will receive.

Village Building

Village buildings in Coin Master act as the stages for this game. In each of the stages, you have to construct five buildings. For completing a stage and moving on to the next village, you must upgrade all of the buildings in your current village to a 5-star rating.

Upgrading a building will cost you coins. The more you advance into the game, the more expensive it becomes to upgrade a building. These buildings will not have any special abilities or any special effects. These are just markers for your progress onto the next level. There are all over 252 levels in the game.


Attacking is a big part of this game. You will attack other villages for coins and sometimes other players will also attack our village to get coins. So, if you want to even things out with the player who has attacked your village, you will find the Revenge Mechanics very useful.

If a player has successfully attacked your base and you want revenge, you use the Slot Machine for 1 spin. If you get a row of Hammer, then you will be directed to the Attack screen. Now, look at the top of the screen and you will notice an option for Revenge located there. Click on this option and you will be able to see the list of the players who attacked you recently. Select the name of the player and begin your Attack.


You can collect Cards by opening various chests. These Chests have to be purchased with the Coins. All of these Cards are a part of a set. Each set has a collection of 9 cards. In order to complete the set, you have to collect all of the 9 cards. After you complete a collection, you will get rewards in the form of huge amounts of coins, daily links free Spins coin master, pets, gifts, and bonuses.

There are various kinds of Chests ranging from cheap to expensive. You will find the most number of Cards in the chest which is more expensive. Additionally, the quality of the Cards you receive will depend on the level of Village you are currently in.

As you progress through the game and reach higher level villages, you will have the chance of getting Gold Cards when you open a Chest.


Chests are to be purchased by using coins. You will be able to get up to 5 star level of rewards from the Chests. As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of chests that cost from fewer coins to more expensive ones.

Expensive chests have more chance of containing Cards of higher quality. These Chests have a lower chance of containing lower level cards. Whereas, the lower level Cards have more chance of having lower-level cards than higher-level cards.

So, if you are looking for 1, 2, or 3-star cards, then you must not spend your coins on the expensive chests. The cheap Chests will give you lower level cards. These Chests can also give you Pet XP, bonus Spins,

The Joker Card

If you participate in the Coin Master events, you have the chance of getting Mystery Chests. By unlocking these Chests, you will be able to get a Joker Card. This is an ultra-rare card. The speciality of this card is that it can be any card you want it to be. Be it a normal card or a gold card.

However, you must keep in mind that there is a time limit on this card. After a certain period of time, you will not be able to use it anymore.


Pets are the adorable animals that will go on Raids and Attacks, along with you. These animals will also help to get coll bonuses. With the help of these bonuses, you will be able to grow your villages and move to the next level.

To get pets, first, you have to go to the game menu. From here, you will be able to get to the Pet screen. Or, you can go to the Slot Machine screen and look beneath the Slot Machine. You will see an egg. Tap on it and it will hatch into a Pet.

After a Pet is hatched, it will give you its bonuses for the next four hours. Once the four hours have passed, they will fall asleep, and you will not be able to enjoy their bonuses for a considerable amount of time. You can speed up their recovery time by feeding them.

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Daily Coin Master Spins 

As you already know that collecting coins in Coin Master is very important to advance in the game. However, apart from earning coins, there are many features that Coin Master provides you.

Daily Links Free Coins and Spins 

The links for the daily coin master spins in the Coin Master will help to collect coins daily. Coin Master updates 10 to 50 links daily. So, here are all the links for the Coin Master Free Spins. We are also providing previous links. If you have missed them earlier, you can collect them now.

The players know the contribution of free spin for their village. More coins mean more development for the village. Due to this reason, the links for the daily link Free coin master are widely searched by the people on the internet.

Hourly Coin Master Free Spins of Coin Master

Apart from the Spin links, Coin Master also offers hourly free spins. This means, the more you will play, the more you will earn Coin Master free Spins. You can get up 5 daily links free coin and spins each hour. The number of spins per hour will depend upon the level of your village.

If your village is of a higher level, there is a greater chance of you getting 5 Coin Master free spins. After that, you can stock it up for later. However, after your stock has 50 spins, you will not be able to collect any more spins. It is better to play every 2 to 3 hours. This way, you will be able to utilize your stock properly and you will not miss any spin opportunity.

Collect Free Spins by Completing your Village

Another way of earning Coin Master free spins is by completing your village. The more successfully you build your village, the more reward it will give you in the form of coins, spins, and pet foods. When you have just begun the game, you will get about a dozen coins and about 10 daily links free coins and spins as your village level increases.

However, as you progress into the game, you will have to complete difficult villages making and you will get many more rewards.

Watch Ads and Get Coin Master Free Spins

There are many games that use ads to give users prizes and bonuses. Coin Master is no different. You can get Coin Master free spins by watching ads in Coin Master as well. You will be able to earn one free spin by watching a single ad.

Every user is offered five ads per day. That means you will get up to 5 spins per day by watching ads. However, you will only be allowed to watch the ads if you have less than ten spins left in your stock.

Use Coin Master Gift Links to Get free Spin

Gift Links are also a good way to earn Coin Master free spins. The officials of the Coin Master Free Spins 2022  provide the fans with free gift links. You will be able to find these gift links from the social platform of the Coin Master.

These links have some really great gifts which will help you to build your village. This is one of the quickest ways to get daily link free Spins Coin Master.

Here are some of the gift links that you can use to get Coin Master free spins and many amazing rewards:

Complete Card Sets to Get Coin Master Free Spins

You can collect cards in Coin Master from chests, or you can also get them after completing any event. If you have performed raids, you can also get some cards, or you can also buy them with coins.

The cards that you will find in the chests will be determined by the village level, from where you brought the chest. The rarity of the cards will also be determined by the level of the village.

After you have collected a card, you will see that it is a part of a set. You have to find all the cards of that set in order to complete it. For each card set you complete, you will be rewarded with free spins, coins, and many other things.

Complete Events to Earn Coin master Free Spins

Events that are taking place within the Coin Master are a great way of earning rewards and up to 50,000 coins from daily links free coins and spins. Yes, some of these events have huge awards. So, if you participate in every event, you may end up receiving huge Coin Master free spins.

This means that you may get 200 spin links to 400 daily coin master spins links at a single time. You may also stumble upon even more spin links. Hence, do not miss any events and make sure that you earn big.

Complete Viking Quest to Earn Free Coins

In the Viking Quest event, a player can win coins, Coin Master free spins, gold or rare cards, pet food, chests, XP, and pet potions. This is a good opportunity to win big rewards. It is the most popular event in the game.

This is mainly because of the number of rewards a player can win by playing it. Another benefit of playing this quest is that the coins that you will earn by playing it will remain raid-free for the next three minutes. This means that your friends will not be able to loot your reward immediately after you have earned it.

There are various stages in Viking Quest. You have to complete each stage in order to get the reward. However, you must have a lot of coins in your stock to participate in this event. But, the prizes and spins are absolutely worth it.

How to Get More Coins and Coin Master Free Spins

Many players want to know how they can get a 400 to 800 spin link. Well, if you are looking for a direct link for these spins, then it is not possible. Coin Master does not give out that much spin link.

However, if you do complete certain events within the game, then you have a chance of getting up to 400 spin links. You will find many tips and tricks on the internet telling you methods to get unlimited coins. Do not fall for any of them as they are all fake. None of the methods will work.

Here are some of the methods that will actually get you extra daily coin master spins.

Use Your Social Media Following 

You can make use of your following on social media to earn extra daily coin master spins and coins. The Coin Master has a system of giving daily link free spins coin master to the person who has invited the other person to the game and if they accept it. So, if you have a huge following on your social media like Twitter and Instagram, you can invite your followers to earn extra daily coin master spins.

Join Coin Master Groups on Facebook

Many people do not have many followers on social media. With whatever they have, many people will not be interested to accept your invitation and play the game. However, you don’t have to worry. There is another method to get free coins.

This method also includes sending an invitation, but, in this case, your invitation will be accepted by almost all the people.

On Facebook, there are many Coin Master groups. These are people who play Coin Master. So, make an account on Facebook, if you don’t have already, and search for these groups. You will be able to find these groups by going to the search bar and typing ‘coin master free spin’.

The result will show you the name of many Coin Master Groups. You can choose the one with most members and join the group. After that, send an invitation to all the members. For every accepted invitation you will get 10 Coin Master free spins.

Play With Your Friends

Playing games with your friends is very fun. So, Coin Master has a feature where you can add your Facebook friends and enjoy the game together.

Add Facebook Friends to Coin Master Free Spins

Coin Master is not all about collecting coins and building your village. You can also raid other villages. If your raid becomes successful, you can earn more coins. You can also fight your friends and try to loot their village. This is very enjoyable.

However, in order to do that, you will have to add your friends to the Coin Master. Also, make sure that both you and your friend have accounts on Facebook. If you are facing trouble adding your friend, do not worry, the process is very simple.

First of all, you have to connect your Coin Master account with your Facebook. For that, you have to go to the top right corner on the game and click on the icon of three horizontal bars. After that, scroll down the menu and at the bottom, you will be able to locate the logo of Facebook and there is “Login” written beside it.

You just have to click this icon to link your accounts. This will give the game account permission to access the friend list of your Facebook. After the link has been successful, you will get the option of “Invite Friends”.

This will be located on the same three-line menu. Click on “Invite Friends” and you will get the list of all your friends. Now, select the friends you want to invite and the invitation will be sent.

You have to now wait until they accept your invitation. After they have accepted your invitation, you will be able to see them on the list of your game. Additionally, you will also get free spins coin master for each of your friends who accept your invitation.

Now, you will be able to attack your friends’ village and can get coins. Or, you can also give them coins to help them build their village. For every 10,000 coins, you give to your friends, you will get one daily coin master spin.

Gift Coins to Your Friends 

There are many ways to earn daily coin master spins and one of them is gifting coins to your friends. This is the reward to help your friends in building their village. However, if you do not know the procedure to give coins to your friends, then do not worry.

When your game is open, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the three-line icon. This will open up the menu of the game. Here, you will be able to locate the option of “Gifts”. Click on this option and the Gift Menu will open up. On the gift menu, you will be able to see a list of coins and spins to gift your friends. These Coins and Spins are not from your balance.

In the case of Spins, you will be able to send and receive a maximum of 50 at a time. However, with coins, the limit is based on your village level. The higher your village level is, the more you will be able to send and receive Coins.

Finally, Is the Game Worth it?

This is a very good and addictive game. The building of villages and attacking and raiding other villages are quite fun. Being able to play with friends is a very good feature of Coin Master. This makes the game more fun to play. The Daily Coin Master Spins is very important as it will help you to speed up your progress. So, hopefully, that you have understood every detail about the Free Spin system as well as other mechanics of the game. Now, start playing Coin Master and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free Spins for Coin Master?

There are many ways to get free Spins Coin Master. These methods are:

  • Send invitations to your Facebook friends. If they accept your invitation and start playing the game after connecting their Facebook account to the game, you will get 40 free spins coin master.
  • You can also gift, each other free spins, as well as coins. Gifting spins and coins will not be deducted from your account. Each day, you can receive and send 100 spins.
  • Coin Master also offers 5 free spins coin master every hour. So, you can wait every hour and add up your spins.

How do you get rare cards in Coin Master?

You can buy chests by using coins. These chests have a good chance of having rare cards within them. However, make sure that you buy a higher level chest as they tend to contain rare cards rather than the low-level chests. Another way is to join Facebook groups. Within these groups, you can ask for a trade from the members.

How do you get more Stars in Coin Master?

In order to collect Stars in Coin Master, you have to collect new cards, by building your village items. For every new Card, you will get the number of stars as indicated on the top of them. And, you get one star for one upgrade of the village items.

How many levels are there on Coin Master?

As the players complete each village, they move on to the next one. These villages can be called the levels of the game. As the player progresses into the game, the challenges become tougher and tougher. There are 266 levels in Coin Master.

Can Coin Master users get 400 Spin 800 Spin by reward link?

Coin master does not give out 400 Spins and 800 Spins reward through coin master free spin link . However, there are certain events that you can complete and you can have the chance of willing these 400 – 800 spin links.


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