How To Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Links ? Tricks 2022

Are you looking for ways to get Coin Master free spins Links? To become a Coin Master you will need to have a lot of coins. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on spins, you can get daily Coin Master free Spins and coins for free. These will enable you to defend your village and attack other villages as well as get coins and repair damaged buildings.

Over the past years, Coin Master has immensely expanded and gained tons of popularity with over 100 million app downloads. Released in 2015, this social casino challenge game was developed by the game experts Israeli Studio Moon Active. The gameplay of Coin Master is a single-player mobile game where the player has to build a village. 

You can get the Coin Master mobile app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

The Coin Master functions via a time slot machine as a single-player game through which you can earn coins and other in-game items to upgrade your village. You have to spin the time slot machine to get the coins and items. Only then can you receive the free rewards needed to develop the town and move ahead in the game. Unfortunately, a single player can only get 5 spins an hour. For the next spin, you have to wait for another hour. 

Many players are not that patient regarding games and free rewards. There are different ways to gain the items, and Coin Master free spins to collect coins. While you can choose to wait for another hour to get the next slot spins, you can also attack and raid villages to steal coins and items from other players. Besides that, the game itself offers the players a chance to receive Coin Master free spins

You can follow numerous tips and tricks to upgrade your village. You can also collect coins through the Coin Master free spins link and other exciting rewards. If you have run out of free spins and coins, you can follow this guide to master the Coin Master spins. 

How To Get Coin Master Free Spins and coins Link

Assuming that you are a Coin Master player, here are the links for Coin Master free spins and free coins. An important note, a Coin Master free spins link remains active for only three days. It is at least better than spending real money to buy Coin Master spins. 

 Coin Master free spins and coins link April 2022

April 6

  • 10 spins and 1 million coins

April 5 

  • 25 spins
  • 3 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 10 spins and 2 million coins
  • 25 spins

April 4

  • 10 spins and 2 million coins
  • 2 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

April 3

  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 3 million coins
  • 10 spins and 2 million coins
  • 3 million coins

April 2

  • 3 million coins
  • 3 million coins
  • 3 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

April 1

  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 3 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

Redeem Coin Master free spins

Redeeming your Coin master free spins rewards is very simple. You have to log in on the Coin Master App installed on the device every day. Then, click on the spins link that will direct you to the app. As the rewards pop-up appears, you get the free rewards. 

How to get Coin Master free spins and free coins? 

As much as the popularity of the how to get spins in coin master, there are many ways to get free spins links and free coins in Coin Master. Besides the daily connections you get for daily logins, one of the simplest and easiest ways to get free Coin Master spins is to invite your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms to join the adventure in Coin Master. 

Suppose you sent an invitation link for Coin Master to your friends on Facebook. One of your friends downloads the Coin Master app via the link. They register on the Coin Master app with their Facebook account. If so, you will receive 40 free spins on your account for a successful invite of a friend on Facebook. 

Another way to get free spins and coins in Coin Master is to send gifts to your Coin Master friends. The free spins and coins gift you sent are not cut off from your personal Coin Master spins. They are gifts. Your friends might also do the same if you send them free gifts. So, isn’t it just a harmless way to receive free spins! 

If you cannot take advantage of these alternative and straightforward ways to earn free spins and free coins, you have to follow the tiring process of receiving 5 free spins each hour with a gap in between. But, this process also has a limit. The maximum free spins that the Coin Master app offers its players in a day are limited to 50. 

How to collect Coin Master free spins?

If you are looking for ways to collect more free spins in Coin Master, here are a few tips. 

Invite friends

Let’s say that you send a Coin Master invitation to your friends. Every time a friend uses your link to download and register an account via Facebook, you will receive 40 free spins in your Coin Master account. Your friends do not even have to play the game. Simply downloading the Coin Master app and logging in with their Facebook account enables you to earn 40 free spins. If your friends play the Coin Master game, it is only suitable for the game. 

Follow Coin Master on social media.

Coin Master offers tons of free spins link to its players every day. You should likely follow Coin Master on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with these updates. Following these will help you get your hands on amazing free stuff from Coin Master besides the free Coin Master spins link. 

Free spins gifts

Coin Master has the option to send free gifts to friends. These gifts do not go from your free spins. When you have 100 active friends on Coin Master, you can send them gifts every day. If they consider the game, you might also receive gifts consisting of 100 free spins; So you lack Coin Master friends, head over to the Coin Master community on Facebook and Reddit. 

Subscribe for Coin Master email gifts

Signing up for email gifts with Coin Master might help you receive free spins link daily on your phone. Coin Master email gifts have not been spammed to date as per the other players. Email gifts are an easy way to obtain free Coin Master spins link. 

Every day free spins.

If you have played Coin Master for a while now, you know that the game provides an everyday login opportunity to earn free spins. If you are lucky enough to reel in three energy symbols in a row, you get a bunch of free Coin Master Spins. 

Participate in tournaments and events

Now and then, Coin Master holds occasional events for players to participate in and increase the gameplay experience. Participating in such events has the absolute possibility for you to win Coin Master free spins. If you cannot find the Coin Master events, look at the top of the screen when opening the slot time machine. If there is any virtual button other than the menu, that will be an event. To know what each event is about, click on the virtual button. 

Upgrade your village

Coin Master free spins and free coins enable you to get items to level up or upgrade your village. Also, each time you upgrade your village, you get free spins as appreciation by the game. Having a lot of accumulated free spins helps gather a lot of gold. These gold are essential to purchase new elements to level up the buildings in your village. So, you see, free spins are of absolute necessity to move forward in this game. This is why you can use many Coin Master free spin links to earn free spins. 

Watch the video ads

Many apps feature video ad viewing, which offers specific benefits to the user. Likewise, you can also acquire a limited number of free spins by watching the video ads in Coin Master every day. If you run out of the daily free spins limit, watching an ad will do. 

In-game Coin Master free spins

Coin Master provides its players the chance to win 5 free spins every hour. Within 10 hours, Coin Master hits its maximum free spins limit. At any one time, you have only 50 spins limit to hold. 

How to rapidly progress in Coin Master?

The only significant and effective way to progress quickly in Coin Master is to collect maximum spins and coins and utilize them wisely in the game by upgrading villages and maximizing gold. After a certain level in Coin Master, you can start building your village when essential elements have been acquired. Building your village in different phases may attract raids and consequent attacks from other Coin Master players. 

Tips and tricks to get more Coin Master free spins and free coins daily. 

Moving forward in Coin Master, following the usual ways to earn free spins and free coins is not just enough. Here are a few tips and strategies to apply to increase progress in the game. 

Do not hoard gold in your village in Coin Master. 

Collecting gold and other items in Coin Master to stock and use for later village upgrades is not a good idea. Most of the items you receive in Coin Master, even the free spins, have an active validity. Moreover, in Coin Master, raiding other players’ villages is a common activity to steal and collect free spins, coins, and items. 

If you stock your precious golds in the village, they will be exposed to raid attacks from other players. It is advised to use the gold and other in-game items as soon as you redeem or receive them. Even if you do hoard items and gold, make sure that the amount is not that significant to attract vicious attacks from players. 

Losing a large stock of gold at once will give you a significant loss to move forward in the game by upgrading your village. Minor losses due to the loss of tiny treasures are not that effective. Fortunately, Coin Master allows you to protect your village from such raids and enemy attacks. 

If you work on the slot time machines enough times in a day, you might be able to create a three-shield combination that will enable you to protect your village against raids and looters. This protection is not 100%, though. Although the attackers cannot steal cash from your village, they can run away with some of your coins if your township is unprotected. Simply put, the three-shield combination restricts the limit and loss due to raids and attacks. 

Preserve your Coin Master free spins

The whole gameplay of Coin Master revolves around the use of virtual slot time machines by the players. You can win coins and other rewards, including hammers, shields, & more spins, by winning slots. You can also win chances to raid other players’ villages at times. The slot machine usually has a peculiar way to help you progress. You will win the best reward if you reel in three similar symbols on one spin. Since it is a play of luck, it is impossible to influence the result of the 3-reel sloth machine. 

In Coin Master, every reel combination produces different outcomes. For example, a bag of coins + a Pig + a hammer results in about 15,000 coins. This is simply an estimate of how much you might get in coin rewards, as the outcome varies depending on the player’s level and other factors. 

Coin Master energy level

In Coin Master, the game itself offers the players 5 free spins every hour with a limit of 50 spins till the energy level last. If the 50 free spins are not utilized, these extra spins will be preserved for you by the game that you can take advantage of later. Other players cannot steal these conserved free spins. At a later point, you can exchange your preserved spins for unlocking an ability to multiply (x2 to x3 times) your gains. You will need to spend only two to three spins to obtain the benefit. 

At the super betting events held occasionally in Coin Master, you can maximize your bets by up to x50 times or more by using the preserved spins. If you are feeling lazy or tired of manually spinning the slot time machine, you can enable the auto-spin option in the game. Instead of you, the game itself will do your work. You do not have to take time to log in every time to get the free spins. 

The best way to collect maximum spins in a day is to log in to the game every 4 to 5 hours. That will produce enough gap to accumulate about 20 to 25 free spins. Using lots of free spins in one go can help you decimate your village with more elements rather than using one feature at a time to construct your village. Upgrading your village extensively helps harvest more gold. 

Keep your pets active. 

When you unlock the fourth village, Coin Master has added a new feature to it, i.e., you can keep pets. More to say, you can hatch a total of 3 pets in your village. As much as they are cute in appearance, each has distinct benefits in the Coin Master game. However, only one pet can stay active at a time. 

Three pets that Coin Master allows in the fourth village are:

  • Rhino. They are more excellent and robust attack blockers than shields. 
  • Tiger. They provide attack rewards to the attackers. Having a tiger as an active pet allows the players to improve their attacks even if there are shields. 
  • Foxy. They are the perfect pet to use during raids. They offer raid rewards for successful raids. 

Stay active on social media.

Coin Master has a high social media presence and does many activities on different social media platforms. If you log in to Coin Master for the first time, they will ask you to link your Facebook account. You can keep playing without connecting with Facebook. However, it is better to do so if you do not want to miss any particular Coin Master free spins link. 

Another benefit of logging in using a Facebook account is joining the worldwide Coin Master community. You can make many Coin Master friends and take steps to earn more free spins. But, to get free Coin Master spins as gifts, your friends should be active. Facebook has many Coin Master groups where you can connect with other players and trade cards. This way, you can expect more high rewards. 

Take advantage of Coin Master events.

If you are a Coin Master player and opt for the F2P route, your progress will slow. To get free spins, you will have to wait several hours. Producing gold will then be an arduous task. Fortunately, how to collect coin master free spins  has ways to help such players speed up in the game by holding events to offer free spins and coins as rewards. Taking part in suitable events can help improve faster in the game.

The more Coin Master spins you have, the more chances to have coins and cash which you can use to buy cards, chests, etc. You can also super bet in events with a high number of spins. 

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Do not ignore the daily bonus in the Coin Master app.

Every day login has many opportunities to earn Coin Master free spins and other exciting rewards. Not only can you unlock game phases with a daily bonus, but you can also make your village more robust by getting more golds. Another recommendation is that if you plan to play Coin Master, play on the app to earn more benefits and free spins. All in all, keep updated here to earn more Coin Master free spins links.


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