A Guide to Write a Clean Code in Java Assignment

Java is an object-oriented programming language which is used by many large scale industries for their applications. Here we will discuss the guidance you need to write clean codes in your javas assignment. Basically, well-written programs are easier to debug, easier to maintain, and have fewer errors. So one needs to have good knowledge of java to score good marks. We should know the skills of writing clean codes in an assignment because clean codes are more comfortable to run; it requires less time and executes fast. Moreover, your professor checks if your codes are accurate or quicker, java assignment help, so here we are sharing some tips that help you meet your demands for your assignments. And also, we’ll go through clean coding principles and the importance of clean coding in java.

Naming convention

The purpose of your variable should be clear, so use meaningful names that are easy to pronounce and avoid cryptic abbreviations. Use some explanatory names for variables. For short-term variables, you must use short names. Here some points which will show you the best naming practice:-

  • The first letter should be the capital of every method, Variables, etc.
  • The capital letter must be applied in constants with using underscore
  • Ignore special characters and numbers
  • Avoid using so many words in the variable, use some informative words, and try to make it simple.


A good Programmer always comments on their codes. It helps them to understand the procedure of their program. A code defines computer and programmer ‘what is being done’ while comments describe programmer ‘why it’s being done.’ Moreover, the debugging process of code is done by using comments. So the comments play a vital role in java assignments and help other programmers understand it better.

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Minimize class size

We should minimize the class size to make the code simpler. A good programmer uses simple codes because simpler codes result in faster execution and take less run time. As per the actual lines of code per class, every programmer has a personal recommendation. According to some of them, the class must not be larger than 900 lines of code, whereas some believe that 2000 is the highest limit.

Use Java-style conventions

Java-style conventions provide a programmer with clean codes. Many expert programmers follow this. Here various style guides available on the internet, don’t get confused. Just choose the right one, java programming assignment help, which makes sense with your code. The most important thing you should follow is to be consistent. Because when you are writing Java code, you shouldn’t have to change your style within the application because there is no other easy way to change the Java code from one way to another.

Avoid repeating the codes

As a good programmer, try to avoid code repetitions in your project. You can use classes, functions, and instances to overcome it. Moreover, rather than repeating, you should consider a better way to write this method.

Test runs importance

Why take risks with error messages? We recommend you to run the code after writing. It allows you to self-check code, whether it is working or not, making your code clean. You can also use a code checker to scan your code and inform you about errors. There are various types of code checkers available on the internet. If it seems tough for you, then you can also install some plugins in your development environment.

Best practices

Now we will discuss the best practice. There are many developers available there who have done the same project as you, so we recommend you do the investigation before implementation. It also allows you to be a professional.

In the end, A programmer needs planning and judgment to know how to write clean code. However, some best practices allow you to craft clean code in java, and no universal laws are available to code.

Conclusion In this article, we have showcased some useful tips to guide you on how to write clean codes for the java assignments. Follow these useful tips to write your assignment. It will live up to your professor’s expectations and helps you to score well.


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