Chandigarh Master Plan to Give a Complete Makeover to Chandigarh

Chandigarh: The Punjab government has decided to give a new makeover to Chandigarh with a slew of infrastructural development across the city. With an objective to give a thrust to the overall public amenities and other public services, the new master plan for Chandigarh has some dissimilar elements compared to the first master plan.

The new Chandigarh Master Plan is aimed at increasing population density to the proposed extent. In the first civic plan, it was aimed at hundred persons per acre. Currently, the government aims at increasing it to the 150 per acre or 75 dwellings per hectare.

The overall area in Chandigarh has been divided into three zones in terms of population density—the Zone 1 would have 150 per acre, the Zone 2 would have 100 dwellings per hectare, and the Zone 3 has been decided at the 15 dwellings per hectare.

Makeover to the civic center in Chandigarh:

In addition to the population density, there is also a plan to give a makeover to the civic center. A lake has been proposed to be built next to the civic centre on the Jayanti Ki Rao Choe. Additionally, a hospital, an inter-sate bus station, and a cultural center have also been proposed to be built near the civic center.

Orchard Avenue and green corridor:

Other than the civic center and commercial places, the new Chandigarh master plan does also have a provision to create an orchard avenue and a green area along with the roads. In addition to it, some other public points are also on the table such as picnic spot, food courts, camping sight, stadiums, and others. 

Science center:

Though the new Chandigarh Master Plan has no space for the science center, but the authority has reserved an area of 60 acres for the science and R&D park. If you look through the vision statement of new master plan, you would come to know how the development projects have been put to forth so as to give a makeover to the city.

With an overall development across the nation, it is high time for the states to think about the infrastructural development in several areas. Not only the Punjab government, have some other state governments also embarked on developing the underdeveloped aspects.

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The Smart City project is somehow one of the most effective initiatives of both center and state governments to give a thrust to the infrastructural growth. It will not only give a makeover to the city but also ensure a smooth and convenient public facility across the nation.

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