Is it Possible to Bet on Horse Racing online?

Horse racing in India has been a popular sport for more than two centuries. And the sport is now more popular than ever. One of the first racetracks in India was set up in Madras; this racetrack remains active to this day, and is frequented by thousands of guests on a weekly basis!

No conversation about horse racing is complete without a mention of horse race betting. Contrary to a popular misconception, betting on horse races is actually legal in India. In fact, the horse race betting industry in India is quite regulated under the six turf authorities of India.

These turf clubs organize race events at nine racecourses around the country. As per the laws, betting on ‘games of skill’ is legal in India. Laws regarding betting on ‘games of luck’ are dictated by the individual state governments. Horse races fall under the ‘games of skill’ category and it is, therefore, legal to place bets during a horse race.

In the past, betting enthusiasts would have to go to the race track to place bets on horse races. The limited number of turf clubs in India deterred many enthusiasts from trying their hand at horse race betting.

However, several horse race betting sites have now made it possible for Indians to bet on horse racing from the comfort of their homes.

Can you bet on horse racing online?

Till recently, the Turf Authorities of India were not in favor of online sports betting because this hampered the betting revenue at the racecourses.

However, the Turf Club authorities have realized that digital transformation is now taking a front seat and online betting sites open up betting opportunities to a wider audience. Therefore, they now offer online betting options on their official websites.

Betting enthusiasts can now easily place bets online. Apart from the official websites of the turf clubs, several other online betting portals also offer horse race betting options to Indian players. Indian players can now bet on horse races organized in India, as well as on betting sites located around the world.

How to get started?

The first step to get started with betting on horse races conducted outside of India, is to review and choose a legal and secure online betting site.

Your best bet is to visit a site like where you can review all the different horse racing sites in India.

Ensure to pick a licenced and trusted online betting site. The longer the site has been around, the more trustworthy it is.

We also recommend you to read up the common jargons and terms used in horse races as these will help you in your betting journey. Learn about terms such as starting price, ante-post, form curve, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, horse racing is not a game of luck, it’s a game of knowledge: the more you know, the greater your chances of success; So start learning now to increase your chances of winning when you bet on horse racing.

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