A career in Digital Marketing: Scope and Opportunities

While using the internet searching your favourite topics, you might have come across some cool and entertaining pieces of stuff. Also, some of the times stick with some viral videos, irritating ads, and useless content. Do you ever think to create any of these? If your answer was affirmative then you should think about learning digital marketing from a digital marketing course in Delhi. There is also a very good scope in the field of digital marketing. 

By the time you reach the end of this blog, we guarantee; you will be better convinced that a career in Digital Marketing is the best choice that you can make.

Digital Marketing Manager:

You can easily be hired as a Digital Marketing Manager if you have considerable experience in digital marketing along with some successful projects in your portfolio that prove that you are a digital marketing expert.

The demand for such digital marketing experts is growing extensively these days and several small and big organizations are seeking digital marketing managers to grow their business digitally. Moreover, unlike other jobs, you don’t need an MBA or any other degree to get hired. 

Content Marketing Manager:

The job of a Content Marketing Manager is to manage blogs, e-mail communications, sales page copywriting, drip marketing campaigns, e-book publications, video marketing, guest blogging along with a little bit of PR.

Content Marketing Managers report to the head V/P of marketing or digital marketing managers. They can be either solo contributors or can manage a team of content writers. An average Content Marketing Manager in India earns around 10-15 LPA. Furthermore, anyone with experience of 3-5 years in this field can be easily hired.

Social Media Marketing Expert:

Social Media Marketing can be done in 2 ways. One of the ways is by spreading the owned content via several Social Media platforms. This task can also be performed by Content Marketing Manager.

However, you need expertise in this field to run successful Paid Advertisements on Social Media. For example, advertising on Facebook has become quite complicated nowadays. Several new features along with targeting options are added every single day and it’s never easy for a Content Marketing Manager or a Digital Marketing Manager to handle it on their own. Here comes the need for a Social Media Marketing Expert.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive):

A well-optimized content can help you get free traffic to your site from Google instead of spending a huge amount of money on PPC campaigns. The job of an SEO executive involves Keyword Research, User Experience Optimization, Using Google Webmasters Tool, Manage Duplicate Content, getting Pages Indexed, and so on. Become the finest SEO professional with SEO training in Delhi. SEO Executives usually report Digital Marketing Managers and most of them are individual contributors and do not manage a team. However, it might happen in some cases that two SEO Executives are working together as a team and giving constant feedback to the product and web development team.


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