3 Common Open-Plan Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

Open floor layouts can enhance the look of your house, provided of course if you plan them right. To make you clear, an open floor plan is a term used to illustrate a large, open space inside a home that excludes doors, walls and doorways. It limits the use of enclosed rooms, such as a separate TV lounge or a dining hall. However, it is the designing and decoration of such places that require a lot of considerations. Even some ostensibly inconspicuous open floor plan mistakes can give your luxury apartments clutter and disorderly look. 

The trend of buying open-plan properties is rising. Not only in Mumbai, you can also see such projects getting popularity along with premium 3 BHK flats in Thane. 

A lot of homeowners find it difficult to identify the places where they can place the furniture in an open floor plan, creation of distinct zones, and most importantly, how to keep the décor functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to avoid the open floor plan mistakes, read this article as we have penned down some of the biggest challenges you might face while decorating such dwellings along with their solutions. 

Mixing Different Flooring

So, the first thing that might be bothering you is the breaking up of an open plan room. If you are thinking about installing a different mix of floorings, you couldn’t be far off committing a mistake.

Opting for various flooring materials or styles within the given space will only add further fuel to the fire. Even if you are planning to choose different shades of hardwood or varying colours of tiles to create separate zones, you are ultimately paving way to take away the beauty of the open-plan space. Moreover, inconsistent flooring isn’t functional at all. The absence of flow between different parts of the room can have a dire effect on your decor.

On a side note, keep your colour palette cohesive throughout the open-plan layout. Instead of picking different colours for every zone, go for a uniform shade while upgrading it by painting accent walls at the same time.


Consistent flooring will not only give open floor layout a more unified look while connecting each section flawlessly with the other.

In order to create separate zones within the open-plan space, utilize rugs. The prerequisite to designing a house interior is to select a single material for the entire base. Then consider styling it with different types of rugs, carpets, and mats. For instance, if you want to give your room a soft look, go for patterned rugs that go with your living room. Meanwhile, your dining area will require something sophisticated colour, so add a traditional carpet to give it a more distinctive look.

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Improper Furniture Placement

Placement of furniture is one of the major open floor plan mistakes that homeowners make. Few reasons contribute to this fact. Firstly, some people try to replicate the same furniture settings as they did in smaller rooms. Secondly, in a bid to maximize the floor space, they push the furniture against the wall.

Moreover, filling the space with a big article is not an option. Well, adding a few heavy pieces to balance out the smaller items enhance the aesthetic appeal, but such furnishing may hinder the flow of foot traffic in the available space. 


You must measure each dimension of the room correctly to make sure that there is enough place for you to move freely after placing the furniture. In case you have a smaller space, consider getting a few custom-made pieces to give it a more coherent look. Also, keep the furniture in the middle, instead of pushing it against the walls. 

Not Establishing Zones

Lack of zones is yet another biggest and most common open floor plan mistake that homeowners tend to make.

Many times, people treat open plan layout as one plan layout. That is to say, instead of dividing them into functional and aesthetic zones within the same space, they consider leaving it looking like one big hall. Resultantly, their kitchen, TV lounge and dining area blend in such a way that it gives your living space disorganized and clutter. This also makes your room impractical to use.

While some visual continuity between each part of your open-plan mistake is essential, you need to limit them in their own respective place. 


Rugs are of the most practical solutions to define individual sections of the open-plan layout of your living space. Even if you plan to buy apartments and flats in Thane West, adding a rug can make it look more luxurious. That said, there is no need to rely exclusively on them. Instead, you can use a couch or sectional to divide the space in half. Apart from this, try using big potted plants and tall floor lamps to give more aesthetic yet distinctive appeal to different zones.

It goes without saying that you should design your living space by keeping in view its functionality. On the contrary, leave some areas open to host guests and throw parties.

In all, follow these simple tips to avoid committing these blunders that are capable of causing havoc in your daily routine. 


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